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MSNBC Reporter Asks Woman Why She's Voting For Trump—And She Can't Name A Single Reason

MSNBC Reporter Asks Woman Why She's Voting For Trump—And She Can't Name A Single Reason

As the Republican National Convention heads into its third day, MSNBC has been interviewing Trump supporters around the nation on why they support the President's reelection.

And one of his most diehard supporters couldn't name a single reason.

Trump voter can't name one reason she supports him: 'Not that I can think of'

MSNBC spoke with the woman, a Florida senior citizen named Jean Dinapoli, while she was taking a dip in a country club swimming pool.

When asked if she had yet decided who she'd vote for in November, Dinapoli looked at the MSNBC reporter like the question was insane.

"Of course, Trump! He's the only president I could ever relate to."

That's as strong an endorsement as any.

But Dinapoli was far less loquacious when asked specifically why she felt such a kinship with the President. MSNBC's reporter asked a direct question:

"Is there anything that you can point to that he has said he'd do and that he's done that you're really happy with?"

And Dinapoli's gave an equally direct answer, after a very long and pregnant pause:

"...Not that I can think of."

Dinapoli added:

"I'm just glad he's there. Like I said, I feel secure."

Senior citizen voters are key to Trump's reelection, especially in the state of Florida, which many analysts believe is the linchpin to his victory.

But for many analysts and rank-and-file voters alike, voters like Dinapoli are representative of a subset of Trump voters who seem to blindly follow the President. Some analysts, psychologists and other thought-leaders have even compared these voters to members of a cult.

And on Twitter, Dinapoli's response seemed to have struck exactly that chord in people who also viewed the segment.

The latest polling in Florida shows the race between Trump and Biden tightening in the state, with Biden's previous six-point lead having shrunk to three points.