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Meghan McCain Just Tried to Discredit Mary Trump on 'The View' and Trump Shut Her All the Way Down

Meghan McCain Just Tried to Discredit Mary Trump on 'The View' and Trump Shut Her All the Way Down

President Donald Trump's estranged niece, Mary Trump, has taken media outlets by storm with her tell-all book about discord and abuse within the Trump family: Too Much and Never Enough.

The book uses Trump's younger years to characterize the man the nation's come to know, from allegedly cheating on his SAT's to a rocky relationship with his father, Fred Trump.

The Trump family went to court in hopes of halting the book's publication and instituting a gag order on Mary Trump, but their efforts failed.

As a result, Mary Trump has now been giving interviews to various television programs. Among them? The View.

That's where Mary Trump and conservative cohost Meghan McCain exchanged barbs after McCain—a Trump critic herself—cast doubt on the veracity of Mary Trump's claims and criticisms against the tell-all memoir genre as a whole.

Watch below.

McCain said:

"You weren't concerned enough to not go to the White House and have dinner with him. I think this is the part I don't understand...You went to the White House and had dinner with him on the taxpayer dime. You had a complicated relationship with him and this family that I don't understand, and I understand now, you're saying it's really important now and that's all well and good, but I do think if you were probably close to that family, you would probably know your cousins—Don Jr. and Ivanka—on a level that you clearly don't."

Mary Trump didn't mince words in her response:

"I'm not entirely sure why you're so focused on my cousins, who, again are so much younger than I am. First of all, I did not go to the White House on the taxpayer dime. That's quite an absurd thing to say, but families are extremely complicated. The administration was—at that point—less than four months old. I was going there for my aunts' birthdays, not to take advantage of Donald's position, and I think to focus on these things is to take away from the actually important things I write about in the book."

People largely sided with Mary Trump.

They agreed that families are, indeed, complicated.

The Trump administration has called the memoir a book of falsehoods.