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MSNBC Anchor Brutally Takes Down Matt Gaetz in Only One Minute and the Internet Is Cheering

MSNBC Anchor Brutally Takes Down Matt Gaetz in Only One Minute and the Internet Is Cheering
Samuel Corum/Getty Images // MSNBC

Far-Right Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is scrambling to defend himself after news broke that he was under federal investigation for the sex trafficking of a minor.

The investigation, which began under the presidency of Donald Trump, centers around whether Gaetz had a sexual relationship with a 17 year old girl and if he paid for her to travel across state lines, but the development has introduced a host of other disturbing allegations.

CNN reported that Gaetz allegedly showed nude photos of women he'd had sex with to his congressional colleagues, even on the House floor. One source told Business Insider that Gaetz played a Harry Potter style game with other male colleagues in the Florida state legislature, where they would compete by assigning points for different degrees of sexual conquests.

Gaetz has insisted that the allegations are false and part of an extortion attempt against him.

But as MSNBC anchor Mehdi Hasan noted in a recent segment, Gaetz had a history of abhorrent behavior even before the allegations surfaced.

Watch below.

In under a minute, Hasan laid out Gaetz's disturbing unbecoming behavior throughout his history in government, saying:

"Matt Gaetz was elected to the Florida House in 2010, backed by his daddy Don Gaetz's deep pockets and Republican connections just two years after being arrested for driving under the influence. As a Florida legislator, he mocked women in tattoos for using welfare, called for recipients of welfare to be drug tested, suggested two Black members of the state senate did not know how to write or spell, and was one of only two Florida House members to vote against a bill criminalizing revenge porn."

A breathless Hasan still wasn't finished.

"Elected to Congress in 2016, Gaetz invited an accused Holocaust denier to be his guest for the state of the union, appeared on Alex Jones' InfoWars show, claimed Attorney General Jeff Sessions was a hostage in the deep state, called for the firing of Robert Mueller, defended Trump's description of Haiti as an 'S-Hole country,' talked about 'cultural genocide,' falsely accused George Soros of funding a migrant caravan 10 days before white supremacists massacred 11 Jews in a synagogue, wore a gas mask to mock the threat from [the virus], attended a maskless party for young Republicans at the height of the pandemic, and was the only member of Congress to vote against a bill to combat human trafficking."

Hasan posed an interesting question in conclusion:

"Funny that in February, during the second impeachment trial, Matt Gaetz said he would quit his job and leave his home to defend Donald Trump. The question is will Donald Trump now do the same for him? I think we all know the answer."

Social media users applauded the takedown.

Gaetz continues to face widespread backlash.

Few Republicans have unequivocally defended Gaetz. Among them are Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).