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Matt Gaetz Deletes Tweet Calling to Defund the FBI—Which Is Currently Investigating Him

Matt Gaetz Deletes Tweet Calling to Defund the FBI—Which Is Currently Investigating Him
Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is currently scrutinizing disgraced far-right Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida for the potential sex trafficking of a minor.

Gaetz's acquaintance and former Florida tax collector—Joel Greenberg—recently reached a plea deal signaling his cooperation with the Department of Justice. Venmo charges between the two, allegedly distributed to sex workers whom they paid to partake in drug-fueled parties, made waves on the internet recently. Greenberg's further cooperation suggests charges could be coming to Gaetz.

On Wednesday—the same day Defense Department officials shut down his hysteria over Critical Race Theory—Gaetz tweeted, then soon deleted, a post calling to defund the FBI.

The tweet was archived by ProPublica's tracker of politicians' deleted tweets.

The Congressman claimed Democrats wanted to defund the police, and suggested they start with the Bureau that's investigating him.

Demanding the full statement be printed, a Gaetz spokesperson told VICE:

"Given how seriously Rep. Gaetz treats his interactions with the FBI — especially his latest work in pursuing the facts surrounding Chinese defector Dr. Li Meng Yan and her safety in the United States — Rep. Gaetz felt it appropriate to remove a jocular tweet taken from a speech some time ago. He looks forward to hearing back from FBI Director Christopher Wray on what the FBI knew about the [virus] origins when Dr. Yan first came to the U.S. in early 2020."

Gaetz may have deleted the tweet, but the internet is forever, and people want to know why he's pressing to defund an agency that's investigating him.

The mockery was swift.

Gaetz continues to deny having an inappropriate relationship with a minor.