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People Are Reporting Congressman's Tweet Fantasizing About Hunting Down Antifa 'Like We Do Those in the Middle East'

Astrid Riecken For The Washington Post via Getty Images

UPDATE 6/3/20: Twitter flagged Gaetz's tweet for "glorifying violence."

Antifa is an adjective that's short for "antifascist."

Antifa is not an organized group. It doesn't have a leader. Its groups aren't interconnected. It is not an organization.

That hasn't stopped the Trump administration from attempting to vilify the group. The President has put antifascists on the same moral plane as Nazis. He routinely uses the specter of antifa violence to distract from the violence of his own supporters.

Trump is using the same tactic in response to those protesting the murder of unarmed Black Minnesotan George Floyd by police officer Derek Chauvin. After officers in Minneapolis unleashed tear gas and rubber bullets on protestors, violence ensued and the city's third precinct was set on fire.

Trump blamed antifa and subsequently announced on Twitter that it would be designated a terrorist organization.

It's unclear whether Trump can actually do this or if it's even enforceable, but that hasn't stopped Trump's Republican supporters from regarding protestors against police violence as "antifa" and, subsequently, enemies to the United States.

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz—one of Trump's most vocal advocates—advanced that rhetoric in a provocative tweet on Monday.

Gaetz encouraged his 500 thousand followers to hunt down antifascist protestors "like we do to those in the Middle East".

Gaetz's tweet came just days after Twitter flagged one of the President's tweets about shooting looters, because it was glorifying violence.

People began reporting Gaetz's tweet for the same reason.

A United States congressman is fantasizing about killing American citizens.

UPDATE: Twitter ultimately flagged the tweet for "glorifying violence" causing an unapologetic Gaetz to rail against the social media giant.