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Screenshot of Joe Scarborough laughing; Screenshot of Donald Trump

Joe Scarborough Loses It Watching Trump Explain His 'Relationship With God'

After playing a clip of Donald Trump answering a question about his 'relationship with God' Joe Scarborough lost it, mocking Trump as 'beyond parody.'

Matt Gaetz; Donald Trump

Matt Gaetz Called Out For Proud Boys Reference As He Supported Trump At Courthouse

Matt Gaetz shared a photo of himself supporting Donald Trump at his Manhattan trial with a questionable reference to one of Trump's lines from a 2020 debate.

Taylor Swift; Donald Trump

Taylor Swift Applauded After Old Tweet Ripping Trump For 'Threatening Violence' Resurfaces

Mark Hamill reminded X of a 2020 tweet by Taylor Swift ripping Donald Trump for saying 'when the looting starts the shooting starts.'

Screenshots of Donald Trump and Steve Rattner

Trump Gets Awkward Fact-Check After Claiming 'Crime Is Rampant' In The U.S.

On 'Morning Joe', Steve Rattner fact checked Donald Trump's claim that 'crime is rampant' and it's super awkward for Trump.

Fox News screenshot of Nancy Mace; Donald Trump

GOP Rep. Brutally Fact-Checked After Claiming 'Everything Was Better Under Trump'

Nancy Mace got instantly fact-checked by X users after claiming that 'everything was better under Trump.'

Donald Trump

Author Compiles List Of Reasons To Vote Against Trump In 2024—And Hoo Boy, It's A Lot

Author Mark Jacob posted a thread on X that lists all of the 'reasons to vote against Trump' and it's going on 100 reasons.

YouTube screenshot of Robert Zimmerman; YouTube screenshot of George Santos

Video Of George Santos Questioning His Dem Opponent's 'Honesty' During Campaign Debate Did Not Age Well

Republican Congressman-elect George Santos is getting mocked for having accused Robert Zimmerman of not being 'honest' during a campaign debate.

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