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Far-Right Media Outlet Hilariously Turns on MyPillow Guy after He Accuses Them of Aiding Antifa
Lindell TV // Tru News

Scores of right wing media personalities have amplified former President Donald Trump's lie that the 2020 election was somehow stolen from him through Democrats engaging in widespread election fraud.

But few of these figures have delved deeper into delusion than infamous pillow peddler Mike Lindell, the MyPillow CEO and prominent conspiracy theorist who continues to insist that not only is there "irrefutable proof" Trump won the election, but that Trump will be reinstated.

Like the former President he worships, Lindell bristles at any skepticism or opposition to his deranged fantasies—whether that opposition is real or imagined.

Earlier this month, Lindell's cyber symposium suffered temporary technical difficulties with its live broadcast—difficulties which have become all too familiar in a year and a half defined by Zoom calls. Lindell, however, claimed the conference was being "attacked" by hackers. At the same symposium, Lindell said the ever-elusive specter of Antifa was trying to infiltrate the event, though there were only three people singing hymns outside.

And this week, Lindell has set his sights on the ironically titled Tru News—a far-right disinformation outlet which covered his symposium and helped amplify Lindell's conspiracy theories to the world.

But according to the ever-paranoid Lindell, Tru News secretly sabotaged the event. He accused them of smuggling Antifa activists into the event and of working with Media Matters for America, the thorn in every conservative media personality's side.

Lindell said of Tru News:

"I have a report from from our counter-intelligence on the people that were there. They've given me this report and this will be ready by tonight. Antifa – they, on our counter-intelligence – Antifa individuals were working with TruNews, which is a fake news site established by Media Matters for America. We believe Zachary Petrizzo from Salon was involved. We've got 'em all on tape colluding with masks on."

The white nationalists over at Tru News felt betrayed, reacting to Lindell's claims on-air.

Tru News' founder, far-right conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles, was amazed:

"If his sources of information are so faulty that he accuses TruNews of being a Media Matters puppet – funded by Media Matters – and that we smuggle Antifa terrorists into meetings, if his information is that faulty, then I can't trust anything Mike Lindell says."

People weren't sad to see the conspiracy theorists eating their own.

Lindell lost all credibility long ago.