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People Call for Pro-Trump Postmaster General to Be Fired After Announcement of USPS Slowdown

People Call for Pro-Trump Postmaster General to Be Fired After Announcement of USPS Slowdown
Tom Williams-Pool/Getty Images

In the 2020 presidential campaign, as the pandemic guaranteed a record number of mail-in ballots, former President Donald Trump worked tirelessly to sow doubt and distrust in the centuries-old institution of voting by mail.

Trump falsely claimed the system was rife with fraud and challenged any state's attempt to loosen restrictions on voting by mail during a pandemic.

A key component of this effort was Postmaster Louis DeJoy, a longtime Republican governor who donated $700 thousand to Trump's 2017 inauguration. DeJoy was appointed by the United States Postal Services' Board of Governors in June of 2020, despite having no postal experience.

Under DeJoy, the Postal Service (USPS) saw decreased reliability, especially when it came to mail-in ballots. USPS data found poor rates of ballot deliveries in key swing states ahead of the 2020 election, prompting some to accuse DeJoy of deliberately sabotaging the USPS in order to swing the election for Trump.

Now, DeJoy is once again facing national scrutiny after the USPS warned of imminent slower delivery times and temporary price increases as part of DeJoy's 10 year service plan, announced in March, which saw a substantial withdrawal of consumer services provided by the USPS.

The changes will permanently widen delivery windows for first class package and—during the holiday season—increase prices on domestic package service.

Unfortunately, President Joe Biden has no legal way of directly firing DeJoy, as that prerogative belongs to the independent Postal Service Board of Governors that appointed him.

Nevertheless, people are calling for DeJoy's removal.

They accused him of working to enrich himself at the expense of the Postal Service.

DeJoy is reportedly under criminal investigation for campaign finance violations.