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WATCH: Lauren B.'s Ex-Fiancé Proposes to Her

Arie got to know Lauren B a bit better in episode six, when they had their first one-on-one date. Fans, too, became better acquainted with the 25-year-old tech salesperson from Dallas. She certainly seems to have hit it off with Arie this season. But will secrets from her past haunt their relationship?


As a number of outlets have reported, Lauren was previously engaged to hockey player Chris Crane before making her way onto the show. According to Reality Steve, the two separated in December 2016 and are no longer in contact. The good news is there's no overlap between Chris and Arie.

Chris Crane's mom's Facebook page still features pics from the engagement. It even has the video of Crane popping the question, which you can watch below:

What's up with Lauren These Days?

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk!

A couple weeks ago, Reality Steve dropped a HUGE spoiler that fans are going to have trouble wrapping their heads around.

The spoiler guru has said that Arie handed Becca K the final rose and got down on one knee to propose to her during the season finale. Since then, he has ended his engagement with Becca, and is dating Lauren B.

You heard that right. Reality Steve says that just days after the season premiered, he was told Arie called Lauren on the night of the premiere. Odd, seeing as he was engaged to Becca.

Since then, Steve began hearing rumors that Arie was having "second thoughts about Becca" and thought he'd made the "wrong choice." As always, you're welcome to call Steve's bluff and say his predictions are wrong, but read his piece for yourself. Steve seems pretty confident about this one.

If there's any truth to Steve's claims, then this season will be one of the more dramatic endings we've seen in a while.

But who's Lauren again? There were four, it's hard to keep track! Lauren is originally from Virginia Beach and now lives in Dallas. In her ABC bio, Lauren says the most embarrassing thing she listens to is T-Swift. She also lists her three best attributes as being open-minded, loyal and fun to be around.