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CNN Expertly Claps Back at Kirstie Alley after She Tried to Shame the Network on Twitter

Steve Granitz/WireImage

Former actress Kirstie Alley made waves earlier this month when she announced she'd be voting for President Donald Trump over Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

Alley said she supported Trump because he's "not a politician" and that he "gets things done quickly and he will turn the economy around quickly."

Like other so-called celebrities who've endorsed Trump, Alley's support of the President has now become a substantial part of her brand, with constant tweets railing against Biden, the media, and other perceived enemies of Donald Trump.

On Friday, Alley targeted CNN, accusing it of forcing people to live in fear with its coverage of the pandemic that's killed over 220 thousand Americans.

She said to watch the network if you wanted to "LIVE IN TERROR" and that "FEAR OF DYING IS THEIR MANTRA!'

CNN's public relations account clapped back with a surprisingly brutal rebuke.

The network reminded Alley that she was welcome to change her television channel, as it said people did with Veronica's Closet, the television series Alley starred in on NBC in the late 90s.

People applauded the network's comeback.

Meanwhile, they derided Alley and her dismissal of the threat posed by the virus.

Alley continues to decry media coverage of the virus on Twitter.