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Joe Biden Has Perfect 3-Word Response After Trump Says 'Blame Me' For Border Deal Collapse

After Donald Trump urged people to 'blame' him for the collapse of the bipartisan border deal, Joe Biden was happy to oblige.

Joe Biden; Donald Trump
Alex Wong/Getty Images; Chip Somodevillia/Getty Images

President Joe Biden attributed the collapse of a bipartisan $118 billion proposal, addressing immigration policy changes and aid for Ukraine and Israel, to former President Donald Trump.

Biden was happy to oblige after Trump told an audience during one of his rallies to "please blame" him for the collapse of the border deal.

The Biden Harris HQ campaign X account shared footage of Trump's remarks and noted that he told Americans "to blame him for sabotaging a deal on the border so that he can campaign on the issue."

Shortly afterward, Biden himself shared the footage via his campaign account accompanied by a short and sweet message:

"You got it."

You can see Biden's post below.

In a speech from the White House on Tuesday, Biden praised the bipartisan efforts but claimed Trump's political interests were hindering the bill's progress, accusing him of prioritizing political gains over national interests. The bill, initially supported by key figures from both parties, has now been declared DOA by Republican leadership.

In his address, Biden emphasized the bill's significance, describing it as incorporating "the most fair, humane reforms" in the immigration system and presenting robust border security measures. He criticized Trump for pressuring Republican lawmakers to oppose the bill, asserting that Trump's influence was detrimental to the country.

He said:

"Now, all indications are this bill won't even move forward to the Senate floor. Why? A simple reason: Donald Trump."
"Because Donald Trump thinks it's bad for him politically, even though it helps the country. He'd rather weaponize the issue than actually solve it. And looks like [Republicans] are caving."
"Frankly, they owe it to the American people to show some spine and do what they know to be right."

Many concurred with Biden's criticisms and were happy to blame Trump, as requested.

Additionally, Biden highlighted the urgency of the aid package for Ukraine, stressing the need to counter Russian President Vladimir Putin's aggression. He warned that failure to provide assistance could leave Ukraine vulnerable and escalate the costs for the United States and its allies.

Biden has pledged to take the issue to the American people, calling out the hypocrisy of Republicans who complain about border security but then kill any measure to fix it.

The President framed the opposition as a result of Trump's interference and criticized Republicans for backtracking on their earlier support for the bill:

"Every day between now and November, the American people are gonna know that the only reason the border is not secure is Donald Trump and his MAGA Republican friends."
"If the bill fails, I want to be absolutely clear about something. The American people are going to know why it failed. I’ll be taking this issue to the country and the voters are going to know."

Mitch McConnell yesterday declared the bill officially dead in the Senate.