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Insurrectionist Who Said He'd Storm Capitol Again Has Tantrum After Being Sent Back to Jail

Insurrectionist Who Said He'd Storm Capitol Again Has Tantrum After Being Sent Back to Jail

In the year since a mob of pro-Trump extremists stormed the United States Capitol in a deadly failed insurrection, more than 700 participants have been arrested—including 11 on charges of seditious conspiracy.

Many of the defendants have since expressed regret. Jacob Chansley—the horned marauder known widely as the QAnon Shaman—said he wishes he'd done more to keep the rioters peaceful. Dominic Pezzola, who assaulted a Capitol police officer, blamed Trump, saying the former President's rhetoric made him act "out of a delusional belief that he was a 'patriot' protecting his country." Glenn Wes Lee Croy, who infiltrated the Capitol, said he was "guilty of being an idiot and walking into that building, and again apologize to America and everyone for my role in participating."

But one Capitol Rioter said he has no regrets at all, at least not until now.

Josh Pruitt, an insurrectionist and member of the far-right Proud Boys extremist group, told CNN in an interview earlier this month:

“So you asked me if I’d do it again? I want to say yes. ... I don’t feel I did anything wrong but knowing the consequences that came out of it would be the part that would make me question it."

He was soon back in front of a judge recently for repeatedly violating his court-mandated curfew, as well as sending threatening text messages to his ex-girlfriend. Prosecutors invoked his comments on the CNN interview to argue Pruitt should be in custody until his trial. Pruitt's defense argued that he only didn't regret protesting outside the Capitol, but did regret infiltrating and defacing it.

District Judge Timothy Kelly didn't buy that, and gave him until January 18 to turn himself over to authorities for imprisonment.

Pruitt responded by threatening to go back on CNN and decry Judge Kelly. His repeated interruptions led Kelly to warn he'd have a "much bigger problem" if he failed to turn himself in by the 18. Pruitt continued interrupting, insisting he was law-abiding while slamming "BLM pieces of s**t," according to BuzzFeed reporter Zoe Tillman.

People weren't exactly sympathetic to his outburst.

Some even felt the court was too lenient and never should've allowed Pruitt's release in the first place.

Pruitt, who told Judge Kelly he was a law-abiding citizen, has 19 prior arrests, eight convictions, and was wearing an ankle monitor as he stormed the Capitol because he was on house arrest.