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Tom Steyer Purchased and Is Using It to Troll Trump in the Best Way

Tom Steyer Purchased and Is Using It to Troll Trump in the Best Way
CHRIS CARLSON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images // JOSHUA LOTT/AFP via Getty Images

Billionaire Tom Steyer may not be one of the most prominent contenders in the crowded field of Democratic presidential candidates vying to take on President Donald Trump in 2020, but he's certainly putting his billions of dollars to use.

The candidate recently purchased a website domain that's sure to infuriate Trump.

Trump infamously ran on the slogan, "Make America Great Again" in 2016. Once he began campaigning for reelection, he changed the slogan to "Keep America Great," encouraging his supporters to use the term.

Unfortunately for Trump, Tom Steyer just purchased, selling bumper stickers emblazoned with a slogan the President is sure to hate:


Steyer's campaign pitch takes jabs at Trump on the page as well.

"Donald Trump failed as a businessman. He borrowed billions, and left a trail of bankruptcy and broken promises. He hasn't changed. Tom Steyer is running for president because unlike other candidates, he can go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump on the economy and expose him for what he is – a fraud and a failure."

People applauded the Steyer campaign's masterful trolling.

Regardless of whether or not the site sways Trump voters, it's sure to serve as a good reminder of Trump's achievements—or lack thereof.