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Hillary Perfectly Claps Back at RNC Speaker Who Said We'd Have 'No Hope of Escape Except Death' If She'd Won in 2016

DNCC via Getty Images // RNCC

It's been nearly four years since then-candidate Donald Trump defeated Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the electoral college in 2016, but that hasn't stopped some Republicans—including the President—from continuing to vilify her.

This was most recently evident during the first night of the Republican National Convention on Monday, when Trump supporter Natalie Harp addressed viewers.

After crediting Trump with saving her life through his healthcare policies, Harp set her sights on last election's Democratic nominee.

Watch below.

Harp painted Hillary Clinton as Mr. Potter, the infamous villain at the center of the 1946 film It's a Wonderful Life:

"In the classic Jimmy Stewart film It's a Wonderful Life, George Bailey is given a great gift: the chance to see what the world would be like without him. Tonight, Mr. President, we'd like to give you that same gift, because without you, we'd all be living in Pottersville, sold out to a crooked Mr.—or I should say 'Mrs.' Potter—with no hope of escape except death itself."

Clinton wasted no time in responding to Harp with a sarcastic question of what Harp's proverbial Pottersville looks like:

As the former Secretary of State pointed out, Trump is president and the United States leads the world in virus deaths, has seen unemployment skyrocket, and has largely been banned from many countries for fear of potentially spreading the virus.

People largely took Clinton's side.

People began imagining what would have happened if Clinton were elected.

Though she lost the electoral college, Clinton won the popular vote by over three million ballots.