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Fox Host Asks Why Hunter Biden Is 'Always In Our Face' In Mind-Numbing Rant

People could not believe the gall of Jeanine Pirro for asking why Hunter Biden is 'always in our face' when it's Fox News who are the ones fixated on him.

Jeanine Pirro; Hunter Biden
Fox News; Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro had a meltdown on Thursday's edition of The Five, asking why Hunter Biden was "always in our face."

The second son of Democratic President Joe Biden, Hunter–along with his father–has been a frequent target of conservatives in the media.

Typical headlines on the conservative channel included him being linked to baseless claims of foreign business dealings, being accused of corruption based on data allegedly found on his old laptop, and being condemned after pleading guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges which have since been resolved.

Now, rightwingers are linking Hunter to a bag of cocaine mysteriously found in a cubby inside the White House based on his well-publicized battle with drug addiction.

"Why is Hunter Biden always in our face?” she griped.

"Why is this guy at the White House? Why is he on Air Force One? Why is he in Ireland? Why is he at State Department dinners?”

The Fox host continued grousing:

"This guy is either a drug addict or a reformed drug addict. We shouldn’t have to deal with him constantly in our face."
"And if Joe has to always take care of his son, maybe he ought to teach his son to take care of his seventh granddaughter and his own child.”

You can watch her rant here.

The subject came up during a discussion on the mysterious bag of cocaine found in the West Wing.

Some congressional Republicans and far-right pundits were enraged after the Secret Service closed the case without identifying a suspect due to a “lack of physical evidence.”

This led riled conservatives to suspect, without any evidence, that the illegal substance belonged to Hunter.

During Thursday's program, Fox co-host Jesse Watters stirred the pot and theorized:

“Our sources say that Hunter has been living at the White House. He has been living there for quite some time."
“This looked like a drop. This little cubby was a drop. And the key was missing."
"So either Hunter has the key or this guy who brought it in has the key. We believe ‘Bicycles’ is the name of the dealer.”

Pirro then started slamming the Biden family.

“The attitude that they all have is, ‘We’re above the law, we don’t have to answer any questions.’ And they laugh at us."
"And we thought Hillary was untrustworthy?”

This led to Pirro wondering why she was subject to hearing the name of the president's son on a regular basis.

But the answer she was seeking was right under her nose. The call was coming from inside the house.

According to Mediaite, TV data transcripts revealed that "Hunter Biden" was mentioned 393 times on the conservative news channel since July 1, 2023.

The Daily Beast also reported that a search for "Hunter Biden" on TVEyes showed there were "1,300 occurrences on Fox News in the past month, compared with just under 300 on CNN and MSNBC."
It's no wonder why Pirro felt so overwhelmed and wondered why Hunter was "always in our face."

Twitter users rolled their eyes at Pirro's desperate search for answers and obliged her with the obvious.

A simple solution was offered.

She can blame Fox News for being so fixated on him.

It's time to move on.