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Fox News Reporter Completely Debunks Trump's Whole Smear Against Biden in One Brutal Tweet

Fox News Reporter Completely Debunks Trump's Whole Smear Against Biden in One Brutal Tweet
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Earlier this month, the New York Post ran a story about former Vice President and 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden's alleged involvement in the foreign business dealings of his son, Hunter.

The unverified documents on which the story hinges were supplied by President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who claimed to have obtained Hunter Biden's laptop from a repair worker who said that Biden never came to retrieve it.

Giuliani originally went to Fox News with the story, but the outlet passed on it due to credibility issues.

Nevertheless, the Trump campaign has been pushing the smear relentlessly since the New York Post published it. Hours before the final presidential debate on Thursday, Trump presented his "special guest" of the night: former business associate of Hunter Biden, Tony Bobulinski.

Bobulinski presented messages claiming to be between him and Hunter Biden, in which Biden refers to 'the Chairman.' Bobulinski said this was the name for Joe Biden. The messages show discussions of a potential deal with Bobulinski's company SinoHawk Holdings, which operated through Chinese conglomerate CEFC.

Now, a Fox News journalist reporting that the main allegation put forth by Bobulinski—that Joe Biden was using his vice presidency to assist his son's business—doesn't hold water.

Fox reporter Jacqui Heinrich found "NO ROLE" for Biden in the emails and documents submitted by Bobulinski, but she did find that the "Chairman" was referring to China, not Biden.

Heinrich posted her findings the day after the Wall Street Journal reached the same conclusion upon reviewing the documents.

People amplified Heinrich's findings in hopes of finally putting the smear to rest.

Meanwhile, Trump's own business entanglements in China drew concern.