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MTG Was Reportedly Booted From Far Right House 'Freedom Caucus'—And The Jokes Came Rolling In

People online couldn't contain their mockery after it was reported that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was ousted from the far right Freedom Caucus.

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was mocked online after the House Freedom Caucus—the most far-right contingent in Congress—confirmed it had voted to remove her from its ranks, following growing tensions within the conservative group.

The decision comes in the wake of a heated clash between Greene and Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert on the House floor, as well as Greene's divisive remarks about her fellow caucus member. This marks the first formal expulsion of a member from the Freedom Caucus.

Maryland Republican Representative Andy Harris, a member of the Freedom Caucus, announced a vote had taken place to remove Greene from the group due to her actions.

While Harris did not disclose how he personally voted, he deemed the decision to remove her as "an appropriate action." He also suggested Greene's expulsion was now official, noting his position on the group's board.

As of now, there has been no response from Greene or her spokesperson regarding her status within the Freedom Caucus. The group's spokesperson has also remained silent on the matter, declining to comment on Greene's removal.

The incendiary Greene's fall from grace was heavily mocked online.

Various factors appear to have contributed to the decision to remove Greene from the Freedom Caucus.

Harris mentioned her derogatory remarks about a fellow member, believed to be Greene calling Boebert a "little b***h." Additionally, Greene's breaking away from the group on the debt ceiling bill and her support for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy were cited as factors influencing the decision.

Greene's removal from the Freedom Caucus means she will no longer be able to attend the group's weekly off-campus strategy sessions. This marks the first formal expulsion of a member from the caucus, although former Michigan Representative Justin Amash previously chose to leave the group voluntarily.

Harris acknowledged that there was a previous instance where another member might have been asked to leave but the decision was ultimately not pursued.

The Freedom Caucus has been instrumental in challenging McCarthy's authority and during recent debt negotiations. Despite some internal divisions, Harris stated that after the vote to remove Greene, there were no significant remaining divisions within the group. He emphasized that the decision to remove Greene did not hinder the group's unity or its ongoing objectives.