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MTG Rages After Fox News 'Blocks' Her From GOP Debate Spin Room

After she was 'blocked out' of the GOP debate spin room by Fox as a surrogate for Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene appeared on RSBN to complain about the snub.

RSBN screenshot of Marjorie Taylor Greene

Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene expressed her frustration and criticism toward Fox News after she was denied entry to a post-debate event on behalf of former President Donald Trump.

The incident occurred following the first 2024 Republican presidential primary debate and unfolded during an interview with RSBN host Brian Glenn.

Greene revealed that she was not allowed to enter the "spin room," a common feature at presidential debates where surrogates and representatives provide commentary and analysis. As a vocal supporter of Trump and a member of Congress, Greene expected to participate in the spin room discussions as a Trump surrogate even though Trump himself chose not to attend the debate.

Greene suggested the move amounted to "censorship" on the part of Fox, even though the network had stressed that Trump surrogates would not be permitted into the spin room if he chose not to participate in the event.

You can hear what Greene said in the video below.

Greene said:

"Now, this is a Fox News-hosted debate, Brian, and they have something called the spin room, which is common at presidential debates. I'm a surrogate for President Trump. I'm also a member of Congress. And I just want to go ahead and let you know, and for the audience listening, they just blocked us out."
They would not allow myself, [Florida Representative] Matt Gaetz, any other Trump surrogates to go into the spin room... So this is censorship from Fox News. This is censorship, not allowing surrogates for President Trump to go into the spin room." ...
"I'm sorry. I'm still so mad that we just were blocked out. I literally am furious."

Greene suggested that it was imperative that she and other Trump surrogates appear at the debate on behalf of Trump so they could relay his "message" now that he's been indicted for a fourth time.

She likened her being blocked from the debate spin room to Trump's indictment and subsequent arraignment in Georgia related to his attempts to overturn the 2020 election results. Trump and 18 of his associates—including his attorney Rudy Giuliani and former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows—have been charged under Georgia's anti-racketeering law.

According to her, she's been expressly denied her right to "freedom of speech":

"We have freedom of speech. President Trump's speech is constantly being canceled, Brian. He's being arrested and indicted in Fulton County tomorrow because of his speech, because he said the election was stolen in 2020."
"And now us as surrogates for President Trump supporting his candidacy, wanting to talk about his message in the spin room tonight have been censored and blocked out."

Many have mocked Greene for her statements.

Trump chose to forgo the first GOP debate on Wednesday night, opting instead for a pre-taped interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

The interview was strategically released on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, just five minutes before the start of the debate. While the interview with Carlson did not yield major news, it provided insights into Trump's decision not to participate in the debate.

During the roughly 45-minute interview, Trump justified his absence from the debate by referring to his substantial lead in polls. He explained that with polling numbers showing him ahead by significant margins, he questioned whether it was necessary for him to endure the potential harassment from fellow candidates he believes should not even be in the presidential race.

Trump also highlighted his concerns about Fox News, expressing his dissatisfaction with the network's "friendliness" toward him, which in his mind does not align with his interests.

His comments reflect a substantial shift in his relationship with the network, which has typically broadcast flattering stories about him but has backed away—at least somewhat—from his lies that the 2020 election was stolen after it settled a defamation lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems, which charged that Fox had spread lies that its voting machines were compromised.