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PHOTO: Breaking Down the ‘Grass-Starter’ Pokemon 4chan Leak

Leaks and rumors are commonplace in the Pokemon community. It occurs so often that, whenever a new Pokemon game is on the horizon, it’s unusual if a leak doesn’t happen. So, when a 4chan user took to the internet on Feb. 20, 2018 with alleged artwork of the starter Pokemon to Pokemon Switch, it was no surprise. Neither was the communities wariness to believe the images to be real.

Among the trio of starter Pokemon was a curious little critter that appears to fit within the ‘Grass-type’ category. Based on the pattern on the Pokemon’s tail, it appears to be modeled after the real-world lemur, though that’s kind of where the similarities end. Its composition seems to mix qualities of a lemur with those of a monkey, though the sketch doesn’t provide any clarification.

What can be inferred from the sketch, however, is that this ‘Grass-type’ Pokemon is likely going to be a spry fighter. Its tail is apparently used to carry berries, which is sure to come in handy in the heat of battle possibly as part of a ranged attack, but it’s also strong enough to hold the Pokemon’s weight, meaning it can do a bit of damage if needed to be used as a weapon. Another predominant feature of this ‘Grass-type’ Pokemon is its arms. They may be described as thin, but they’re long enough to where they’re sure to come in handy.

Though there’s little speculation that this leak isn’t just fan art, several 4chan users have taken to already naming the critter. Names that have been thrown into the mix include “Hiro,” “Nu-Male,” “Leafmur,” and “Lemon,” though neither has really stuck throughout the /vp/ thread the images were posted to.

Pokemon Switch is slated to launch later in 2018. Should these be official leaks, it’s not uncommon for the announcement to come months after they’ve already hit the internet.