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Fox Host Hilariously Rips George Santos Under Her Breath After Dubious OnlyFans Claim In Resurfaced Clip

Fox host Kennedy called out George Santos to his face after he claimed not to know what OnlyFans was until "a few weeks ago" despite his having spent campaign funds on an account.

Fox News screenshot of Kennedy and George Santos
Fox News

A months-old clip of Fox Business host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery—known mononymously as Kennedy—calling out New York Republican Representative George Santos to his face after he claimed not to know what OnlyFans was until "a few weeks ago" is resurfacing now that an ethics report has confirmed that Santos spent campaign funds on OnlyFans.

It all started when Kennedy asked Santos if it's "true that you have an OnlyFans page and can peel a banana with your feet." Santos said he doesn't have one, adding:

"I'll indulge you this, I just discovered what OnlyFans was about three weeks ago when it was brought up in a discussion in my office. I was oblivious to the whole concept."

And then, in a particularly striking moment on a network known for widely flattering coverage of Republicans, Kennedy laughed before muttering:

"You just can't tell the truth."

You can watch their exchange in the video below.

The resurfaced clip from March quickly went viral, prompting many to criticize the unrepentant Santos for lying during the interview.

After a damning House Ethics Committee report revealed he spent thousands in campaign funds on a variety of non-campaign-related items, including OnlyFans, Botox, and trips to Atlantic City and the Hamptons, Santos announced he will not run for reelection.

The report alleged Santos had committed "knowing and willful violations" of House financial disclosure rules and filed "false or incomplete reports" with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

The 56-page report offered extensive evidence indicating Santos’ misuse of campaign funds for personal purposes, fraudulent activities toward donors, and submission of false or incomplete campaign finance and financial disclosure reports.

It further accuses Santos of exploiting his House candidacy for personal financial gain through a series of deceptive tactics, including lies about his background and experience to constituents, donors, and staff.

The committee unanimously referred its findings to the Department of Justice (DOJ), stating that Santos' actions warranted public condemnation and had severely tarnished the House's reputation. Mississippi Republican Representative Michael Guest, the committee's chairman, announced a motion to oust Santos from office, expected to be introduced imminently.