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Leonard Nimoy, the Beloved “Mr. Spock” in Star Trek, Dies at 83.

Leonard Nimoy, the iconic and beloved actor who gained a worldwide following for his portrayal of the ever-logical and resolute Mr. Spock on Star Trek, passed away on Friday in his home in Los Angeles. Nimoy was 83.

He is survived by his wife, Susan Bay Nimoy, who confirmed his death was caused by end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Nimoy had been fighting this disease after years of smoking, despite having given up the habit three decades ago.

Condolences have begun to pour in from around the world, as a saddened fanbase recalled, somewhat ironically, the humanity that Nimoy brought to the half-Vulcan he played. Besides acting, Nimoy鈥檚 pursuits included photography, poetry and music, but he will always be remembered for the iconic character of Mr. Spock, a pointy-eared Second Officer with an unmistakable hand signal, a formidable Vulcan nerve pinch, and even his own catch phrase: 鈥淟ive long and prosper鈥濃攁 motto Nimoy himself embodied.


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  • Kelly Lape

    Rest in peace.

  • Megalith

    R.I.P. Spock.

    “Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most… human.”

    • Jonathan Martin

      That was a heartbreaking line then and now.

    • don

      Of all the shows, of all the movies, that line always made me tear up, I can’t help but wonder when William Shatner said that line, if it was rehearsed that way or was he really over whelmed by the moment

      • Christopher Michael Moore

        It should be on his tombstone, or at least in the eulogy. Nothing but great respect for him.

      • Kathryn Hildebrandt

        Probably was really overwhelmed – given his acting skills…

    • Tony


      • Patricia

        I’m so broken hearted, there are just no words that I can approiately think of at this time. The heavens have surely gained another star at this time. They always made us want to look forward to our next adventure into the stars, as well as to travel with them wherever they were to go. Even though as Mr. Spock would say “ilogical, totally illogical. “

  • A Drake

    Dif-tor heh smusma, Spock.

  • Linda Tock

    The world is suddenly… illogical.

    Rest in Peace.

    • Bud Wende

      Thank you so much Linda Tock, that pretty much sums it up……..

  • disqus_UmVIfwJQ7c

    They made the world a better place. They gave hope. Leonard, you taught humanity, a most valuable trait we all need more of. Godspeed.

  • Jennifer Herndon

    A beloved man, one that will be sorely missed by all.

  • jonnyj50

    ^Mr Spock was the First Officer ^ And Science Officer

  • F.l. Benton


  • Roxanne

    Oh wow how sad…

  • Annie Middleton Robinson

    Rest in Peace Mr. Nimoy. The world was a better place while you were with us. Thank you for giving us many hours of enjoyment.

  • Ron Boles

    I have been and always shall be your fan.

    • Jeff

      Well said Ron

      • Kathleen Bullock Williams

        ron you say iit for every one of us who grew up and wached him he was a good person to have so many people love him as himself and charactor he made a big big empression on so many people .but lennard did not die at 83yrs ,…..he lived 83 years..

  • Jo Birdsall Cupp Campbell

    Although I had never seen or met him in person, I feel like I lost a very good friend. I doubt when Star Trek first started, that any of us could have predicted that the actors/actresses would become legends in our hearts and minds. This simple TV show, touted once as “‘Wagon Train’ to the stars,” showed us glimpses of our country’s possible future, with races/countries/nations/even space aliens, learning to live together, mostly in peace. Awesome!

    • Cat Morse

      That’s exactly how I feel. Though I never got to meet him, he was a friend, who was there in all life’s struggles, who stood for something good.

    • Bill

      This is exactly how I feel this morning… like I have lost a dear family member. Mr Spock has been a part of my life for 48 years, and was a very influential factor in my outlook. While many may say that he was just an actor playing a role, he was family to me. Rest In Peace! #LLAP #Spock

    • Jeff

      I too felt like I knew him even though we have never met

    • eddie

      simple TV show?!!!!?!!

    • Steve Cerena Bornman

      I love this very well said…..you will be missed Leonard Nimoy…..May every man, woman and child learn what we have learned from the writers of star trek. Many b blessings to the family and may he find his way to his forever homeland.

  • Shyam Horse

    I soooo love you, Leonard Nimoy,,,, thank you for opening the “door” to life beyond my “little” mind….. helping my to re-member that I am made of star-dust,,, Beam us up, Scotty,,,,,,, see you in the Stars, beautiful soul xoxoxox

  • Jay Sidhu

    thanks for great service in entertainment and our life….

  • Sandra Warden

    R.I.P Leonard Nimoy. You will be missed.

  • Doug Koch

    If only our politicians were like him!!!

    • alba

      me too, kind and generous, that’s not a trite that politics have,

  • Rahel F Adye

    Baruch Dayan Emet (blessed be the true judge)
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  • Brian Giannunzio

    When I was about 8 years old my dad sold him a new car, and he got me on the phone with him. He “played” being Spock, and I got one of the big thrills of my youth. He also gave my dad an autographed picture, signed to me. I was an early trekkie, and feel the loss. Live long and prosper!

    • Jonathan Martin

      What a great experience.

    • Siobhan Logan

      That had to be awesome!

  • Lars Holm

    Thank you Mr Nimoy, for having been there…. Safe travels.

  • Proud Grands

    RIP Mr. Nimoy!! You were truly a Great Man and a Wonderful Actor, Thank You for many many years of Entertainment! May Peace be with his Family most importantly!….and then with Us his Fans!

  • Wes Hesh

    One of a kind and a special man, he touched many with his art, and body of work as a person. He will be missed deeply by millions of fans and friends. The best to his family and circle of life……we should all say some very special words in his honor….as humans ,//

  • Schlitt Deborah

    R.I.P. you will be missed

  • Bart Wuest

    … and now, the undiscovered country… RIP

    • Ellen Yarbrough

      from whose bourn no man, or Vulcan, ever returns…..

  • Kay Heller

    Rest in Peace. You truly did Live Long and Prosper.

  • Bo Hartwich

    Rest in peace Mr. Spock.. You will forever be in our soul as the Logic hero….

  • Clyde

    There will always be only one Spock. You!!!.

  • Cliff Boone

    God bless the Nimoy family…He will be missed..

  • Tommy Bjelland


  • Cathy Chubb

    rest in peace my condolences to the family he will always be with you in mind and spirit god bless

  • Wayne Breivogel

    LLAP… Spock, you sure did.

  • kerrie may

    You have lived long and prosperedd…fly now with the stars. Peace and Shalom

  • michael

    I have no emotion. Spock would want it that way.

  • Goodbye sir.

  • Ben Swonger

    guess hes at the “and prosper” part. He has sooo many fans sad today :(. Including me.

  • So sad to see him go.

  • I literally cried when I first heard of his death this morning. I grew up with Star Trek as my one “much watch” show when I was a kid. I followed Mr Nimoy’s life, read his books, admired his art. He was a kind soul, a good soul, which shall be loved and missed for many years to come. This is one person who will truly never be forgotten.

    May God bring his family peace. May God welcome him home to Heaven and allow him to live among the stars that he so loved.

    • Jonathan Martin

      I’m crying now.

    • Bernie Holleman-Hanning

      Well said

  • Dr. Wanda Gwyn

    You will truly be missed!

  • Rik Wolff


  • Terry Newberry

    He lived long…and prospered

    • Terry Newberry

      Beam him up

  • Justin Baker

    L.L.A.P. now boldly gone.

  • Lori Jackson

    He was such a great man and my favorite of the original star trek. I am truly sad today.

  • Girish

    He inspired so many young people to choose science careers by declaring the universe to be “Fascinating !”

  • Giribaldi

    It saddens Me that today of all days, being my birthday, Leonard Ninoy passes. Live long and prosper my friend //

  • Sam Hancock

    He got beamed up to a better place

  • Scotty Warren

    RIP MR Spock Live Long and Prosper on Heaven!

  • Mark Schroeter

    Peace and comfort to your family. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world.

  • Scaramouche

    One to beam up.

  • Guest

    LLAP… Spock, you sure did.

  • Julia Dennis

    Rip. Prayers to the family.

  • Patricia Silverman

    RIP Spock

  • Mindy

    I’ve loved him since childhood. I own his lovely books of poetry, was empowered by his photo project showing the true feminine beauty of women no matter what their size, and am so grateful for all of his contributions to the arts and the human cause. Part of me expected this soulful “Vulcan” to outlive us all

    • Because I have known despair
      I value hope

      BecauseI have tasted frustration
      I value fulfillment

      BecauseI have been lonely
      I value love
      ~ Leonard Nimoy

  • Daniel C Swanson

    I can remember sitting in front of my TV watching the first Star Trek show, and wanting to be Mr. Spock. That show and Mr Spock got me interested in space. He will be missed, it is sad when a person like he, is gone. He really did live long and prospered all of our lives.

  • John Pittenger

    You are my superior officer. You are also my friend. I have been and always shall be yours.

  • Sean Cowan

    I think Spock would put it like this “It is illogical to be angry at a death, but foolish not to recognize a person’s accomplishments”. RIP Mr. Nimoy

  • Robert Kegel

    Leonard Nimoy played one of the best, most iconic characters on TV and in movies in a show that we as humans can only emulate. A show that showed the world can be a better place. Leonard Nimoy will never be forgotten. Live long and prosper!

  • Carol Dancik Abfall

    Lead to heaven by Angels !!! You were a Fantastic Gentleman !
    My heart goes out to your family !!
    I Thank your Family for allowing to Share your Talent and Kindness with world !

  • aidy001

    R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy

  • Kyara Peacock

    Scottie beamed him up today :'(

  • Paula McNeil

    RIP Mr Spock

  • Lisa L. Rose-Hawkins

    He’s been a part of my life since I was a child having endured the Star Trek watching habits of my dad. Little did I know then that Mr. Spock would be a lifelong favorite and that one day I would feel like I lost a family member at his passing. My prayers to his family and fans. He leaves behind an amazing legacy for all of us.
    Godspeed, Mr. Nimoy. We’ll see you on the other side.

  • tedsfrozenhead

    he lived long, he prospered. cause of death was a life well lived

  • Debs626

    He lived a very long life. Hope his journey was peaceful in the end.

  • Robert J. Canty

    He lived long, and he prospered.

    RIP Leonard Nimoy.

  • Daniel C Swanson
  • Shawna Ginther

    Rest in peace, sir.

    I had a chance to speak with him once. He was quiet and well spoken. Mr. Nimoy was a pleasure to speak with. We spoke of his COPD and my Asthma and photography and even Star Trek. We even spoke of cigarettes. I wish we could of conversed again.

    Mr. Nimoy spoke Yiddish, English, French, and spoke Ukrainian when he was young. Talented man. He will be missed.

  • Rhonda Williams

    You were and forever will be my friend. Live Long and Prosper… RIP Leonard

  • Clarrisani

    Bones, Scotty and Nurse Chapel are waiting for you, Mr Spock. Live long and prosper.

  • peter koetje

    To the Stars….and Beyond

  • Kenneth Houseal

    “We are assembled here today to pay final respects to our honored dead. And yet it should be noted, in the midst of our sorrow, this death takes place in the shadow of new life, the sunrise of a new world; a world that our beloved comrade gave his life to protect and nourish. He did not feel this sacrifice a vain or empty one, and we will not debate his profound wisdom at these proceedings. Of my friend, I can only say this: Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most… [voice breaks] human.”- Captain James T. Kirk

    “He’s not really dead as long as we remember him.” -Bones

    You are truly one of the ones that will never be forgotten. Thank you for your part in inspiring so many to look to the stars.

    GodSpeed, Mr. Spock.

  • fastbuck

    of all the souls I have encountered His is the best

  • Cameo R. burns

    From the time I was born ’til now, my 44rth year of life, Spock has been present. He was just . . . always there. Now he’s gone! They say you never know how much someone means to you until they’re gone! I had no idea I cared so much for some silly character on some silly show! I never realized just how much Leonard Nimoy was a part of me, us, the world. His passing leaves a pretty big dent in the lives of even those who weren’t honestly Trekkies! Which just goes to prove just how talented, gifted, skilled Mr. Nimoy really was!!!!!!!!

  • Georg Reichel

    Live long and prosper SPOCK and now, the undiscovered country

  • Roscoe Worth-Jones

    Farewell my Vulcan friend.

  • Belinda Simmons Webb

    R.I.P. Mr.Nimoy. I am so sorry for your loss and grieve with your family. I have loved your work in TV, movies, and music. Unfortunately I haven’t read your poetry or books, but will have to now that I know about them.

  • Lisa Lebo

    Very sad day. I will join the world in mourning

  • Robert

    We will miss you. Live long and prosper

  • G眉rkan Yaprak

    I’m so sad, you will always be alive in your works for me, I thank you for your art, I thank you for the ideal. I have grown through your art, and grew up with them. My Condolences.

  • quietman65

    While I am definitely a “trekkie,” and have always loved his portrayal of Mr. Spock, I think we should also recognize his work as Director, especially for “Three Men and a Baby.”

  • rose voelk

    I’m deeply saddened that we have lost another great actor, my condolences go out to the Nimoy family and their freinds, The great” Mr. Spock” did his finel scene, and the curtain closes R.I.P. Mr.SPOCK! R.I.P. set phazers to stun! Yes! captain, phazers set to stun!

  • robert

    beam me up Scotty

  • jason serwe

    “May your soul travel to places it’s never gone before. LLAP in the afterlife”. RIP

  • Pat Kilbride

    He was the lead actor on Star Treck,as far as I am concerned,I always looked forward to seeing him on every episode.LIVE LONG AND PROSPER WELL MY GOODS FRIEND !! You will be sadly missed by all.GOD SPEED TO YOU!

  • Carol Ann Kozenskie Kreiner

    R.I.P. SPOCK you will be sadly missed.

  • Live long and Prosper no more:(

  • Kimber E. Crossley

    Leonard you gave me many of years of happiness as a young man to now in rural Nova Scotia. God bless you and rest easy knowing how much joy you brought to so many.

  • Carlos Raigosa

    Hope he is gone where man has not gone before

  • Talan

    He Lived long and prospered………RIP

  • Galvon

    ” I’m in control of my emotions. Control of my emotions. I am an officer. An officer. My duty. My duty is, is. My duty is to, to. Too late. I’m sorry. To. Two, four, six. Six. Six times six. Six times six….is…..thirty-six…….*Sobs uncontrollably*”

    • John Rowlands

      Live long and be happy

  • Ethel Lynch

    RIP, Mr. Spock.

  • Rob Tanner


  • Bling Ragsdale

    No one can prepare you for a loss, it comes like a swift wind.
    But take comfort in knowing that he is now resting in the arms of our Lord.
    Our deepest condolences to you and your family Mrs Leonard Nimoy .

    Nimoy played a few roles on the best know western t.v show called Gunsmoke in his early years of acting,

    • artfrankmiami

      I remember seeing him on Bonanza reruns after Trek, but watched him on the game show “You Don’t Say” during the run and we kept checking out his ears and eyebrows.

  • Worf Thaddeus VonBaron

    He was the reason many of us became scientists. Godspeed Mr. Nimoy. Again, you will reach for the stars.

  • Patricia Hayden

    Live long and prosper RIP

  • David Bailey

    A huge star. Will be sadly missed. Now in peace. Dear Leonard Nimoy a great actor

  • Daniel Stewart

    you will be missed

  • Jbjoya

    A talented person not only in front of the camera but also behind the scenes… Remembering him as the voice of Galvatron in Transformers the movie… RIP Mr Nimoy…

  • Susan Christine Knisely

    RIP Spock.

  • ksoma

    I don’t think I ever cried before after learning of the death of a person I didn’t even know personally.

  • Marlin Maifeld

    RIP – Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  • Mary NellGarci Garcia-Trujillo


  • Shannon P. Sarty

    Keeping the family in my prayers. )O(

  • John Grumpybastard Hinkle

    Live long and prospers. In your next realm of existence Leonard Nimoy. May you rest in peace..

  • Taylor Sheppard

    No words are adequate. Farewell Sir.

  • Deborah Galloway

    R.I.P… I too Have just had a Great man In my Life pass (6 days ago), My Father. May Leonard rest in peace and may His Family find the comfort and support that is needed during this difficult time in their life’s.. may god Bless Leonard’s family … 鈾

  • Debra R. Caminiti

    Live long and prosper in heaven Mr. Spock R.I.P.

  • Stephen Searle

    Say hello to Dr Mcoy and Scotty for us Mr Spock!!

  • Ryan Briggans-Jones

    He truly got to “live long and prosper” as I hope the rest of them will as well.

  • Erik S

    I know this line has probably been quoted alot already..but somehow it feels right..in honor of you Mr. Nimoy.. “Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most..human.”

  • Gerald Rupe

    why don’t we break out the Genesis device again and bring him back!

  • Kenneth Houseal

    GodSpeed, Mr. Spock

  • Gesine Wulf

    R.I.P. Mr. Nimoy.
    And this is a logical, you will live forever in our hearts…

  • So sorry to hear this. Damn cigarettes.

  • Angelos Savvaidis

    Goodbye Mr. Spock.. You made this world a better place.

  • Nancy H Diettrich

    A friend of mine once ran into him at the Hebrew Rehabilitation Center for the Aged in Roslindale MA. She and I both worked there at the time and he was visiting a relative.

  • Starrtrek

    Rest in Piece Mr. Nimoy. And may your memory live long and prosper.

  • Adam Stocker

    RIP Leonard the man.

  • Tara Dunne

    Rip spockxx

  • anirban halder


  • Shawn Patrick Feagin

    R.I.P. miss you

  • Maree Fletcher

    R.I.P so sorry to hear this.

  • Abe Camac

    Thanx for the adventures Dr. Spock aka LN Treckies rule thanx to tou and the crew of the Enterprise. Always a crew member because of you, live long and prosper Spock. Thanx again for being there thru my teenage years. ABE CAMAC.

  • Ann Bromley

    So sad, He was the reason for my family’s dedication to NASA. Without Star Trek, there may have not been a passel of Bromleys reaching for the stars. R.I.P. Spock.

  • Shartflorp

    This news made me shit out of my butt.

  • Leslie-Driss El Machichi

    RIP Mr Spock!!! Thank you for giving us our memories with Star Trek. You were a BIG part of my childhood!!!

  • Marie

    Once you have eliminated the impossible (if only it WAS impossible to lose Leonard aka Spock, but Vulcans never bluff, you know), whatever remains (his legacy), however improbable (who would鈥檝e thought how important he would become to us?), must be the truth (Amen). Goodbye, Leonard Nimoy 鈥 you have been loved.

  • Gordon Mclaughlin

    he was Earmarked to be famous

  • ed cordeiro

    oh come on not MR SPOCK why RIP mr spock live long and persper

  • Bookish Miss

    The world has lost a bright light and a genuine, compassionate man. We are all the less for his loss. May he rest among the stars and his work continue to help us reach for the stars.

  • Yaagul


  • Lavina Costa

    My heart goes out to the family and love ones.

  • flo cumby

    So Sad to hear this News. R.I.P Mr. Spock. We will always Love you.

  • Fabiox

    Live Long and Prosper, Mr. Leonard Spock.

  • Jeff

    I will miss his everlasting look and his distinguished voice. May your spirit
    “Live long and prosper “.

  • Benson Davis
  • Justin O’Reilly

    We from the science fiction nerd community the world over are
    profoundly saddened to learn of the passing of one of science fiction’s
    best known icons, whose face has been recognisable for generations as
    well as a part of all our childhoods for 50 years, legendary actor
    Leonard Nimoy, who is most well known as the character of the Vulcan
    called Spock from the series Star Trek, a role that has launched him
    into global super-stardom and legend within the sci-fi realm.

    Nimoy was
    hospitalised sometime last Thursday citing cardiac-related health
    problems he admitted was caused by years of smoking. After a week of
    treatments, he finally passed away at his home yesterday at the age of

    The world lost a great actor and a great man.

    He truly was, and ever shall be, our friend.

    And we should also take Dr. McCoy’s advice as well, for he was right in
    saying that he’s not truly dead as long as we remember him.


  • Good Bye Mr. Nimoy.
    Cybertron and all its moons belong to you.

  • Michael Paolucci

    For all that he will be remembered for, I hope his humanity is never forgotten, it set him apart from the rest of Hollywood, and he never forgot to be thankful to those who raised him to where he was! A true Gentle-man!

  • Jim Towns

    A fine man, a good soul. Now he and Dr. McCoy can continue their philosophical debates in heaven.

  • Bernie Holleman-Hanning

    The world is a better place because you were in it… Thank you Leonard Nimoy

  • Lorianna F Nolan

    This is a sad day in the Trek Nation, many people loved him for joy and happiness that he brought to our lives. He will be missed.

  • lcridesherown

    We are so lucky to have shared his life with you. RIP MR Spock. You will be missed greatly.

  • Thunder

    Rest in peace Leonard, you have been and always shall be our friend.

  • ArtaGene


  • steven briggs

    A piece of my childhood has died with him…

  • Ms Pat A Hill

    RIP- I “NEER KNEW YE”, but felt I did. Prayers to his family and loved ones, WHAT A CHARACTER HE GAVE US #

    • Ms Pat A Hill

      Will b sorely missed

  • Patrick

    Now I feel really old, vulcans were suppose to to live like forever and that’s the only way I ever thought of him!

  • Michael James Dowding

    You have always been, and ever shall be, our hero.

  • Sharon Smith

    He bought joy and awe to my life as I was growing up. He may have only been acting the part but he made you think there could be a better way. Live long and prosper old friend in your next adventure.

  • Sarah Lange Saylor

    Live Long and Prosper Mr. Spock

  • Jim

    With the passing today of Leonard Nimoy we lose part of the lore of “Space – the final frontier”. Our imaginations, inspired by he and the Star Trek TV series, inspired many to dream the impossible and made it real. He will be missed. “Live long and prosper”.

  • Mile Hi Dave

    R.I.P. Mr Spock, may you “live long & prosper” in the next life…

  • ZollyG

    He who lived long and prospered, may now rest in peace! You will be sorely missed!

  • Sam Kipp

    OMG I just spoke to my wife earlier this week of having a feeling Mr Nimoy would pass soon, and I didnt even know he was ill. Ever since I can remember I tried to think what the “logical” thing to do was in difficult situation. Mr Spock taught me that and I shall never forget it. Condolences to your family and friends and I think I would be safe in saying the whole world considered you a friend. RIP Mr Spock.

  • Jeff Walls

    Bummer…but he did live long and prospered

  • David M. Sturdivant

    “You always have been, and ever shall be, my friend”.

  • voyazen

    God Bless your soul “Mr Spock” .. please say Hi to the Eternal Entity on our behalf 馃檪

  • Wanda Smith

    leonard nimoy i saint of god release you to heaven robin williams is in heaven to greet you i wash you in jesus blood holy spirit sin and wrong free to jesus of heaven above you will be very missed im so sorry susan bay nimoy and children and fans friends and star trek crew members too my condonances to everybody

  • Cheri Halda

    There is absolutely no one who could have played Mr. Spock better. Leonard Nimoy was Mr. Spock……….period.

  • Jukebox_Harlot

    Aw no.. Rest in peace.

  • MonroeandGeorgia Ramey

    R.I.P. Mr. Nimoy may you rest in peace with the angels in Heaven God Bless you and bless your family and all of us your fans with peace and comfort in this time of sadness and loss.

  • penta15786

    My teenage years just got lost in all those episodes of Star Trek. He sounded quite assured of what’s going to happen next. His presence in the series gave out a feeling that Captain Kirk may do go out on the limb but he was around to clean up the mess.

  • niromi

    i was always a trek fan and later on i introduced my kids to the joys of star trek we watched all the old episodes and the movies with the old cast and crew and my son thought the new one was nice but not as much fun this coming from my 10 year old and we loved spock his voice was relaxing got some of his audio books and it was brilliant RIP Leonard Nimoy you’ll surely be missed

  • Tony

    Today I woke up to the news, and it hurts as the day Deforest Kelly and James Doohan passed R.I.P

  • Cathy Martson

    R.I.P., Mr. Nimoy! I will think of the bagpipes playing Amazing Grace, when your funeral comes about.

  • Bhikshuni Lozang Trinlae

    Thanks for embracing and wearing the character symbolizing intelligent, disclosed, confident difference, during those generation gap years of the late 60s & 70s! You live on in my heart, and “v” sign!

  • Sara

    When I shared this news at work after receiving a text from my boyfriend about it I was meet with ‘who’s that?’ ‘who’s spock?’ and ”I never got into star wars’ – my boyfriend said I can’t be friends with those people anymore! RIP Leonard, may you enjoy your latest journey to the stars

  • Phardad

    R.I.P Spock

  • Valerie

    I feel as though I’ve lost a dear friend. Leonard, you are truly, in reality, floating among the stars.

  • Michael

    Leonard Nimoy R.I.P.

    鈥淥f all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most鈥 human鈥

    I was in a theater when these words were first spoken and there was not a singel dry eye in the house and then to here Leonard say 鈥 Space the final fronteer鈥︹.鈥 again more tears. As we all left the theater people were already speaking of how he must return. They just would not except that Spock was gone. So in Hollywood鈥檚 great wisdom they found a way to make his return. I find my self sitting here in shock at the passing of Nimoy, Knowing that this time Hollywood is not in charge and he will not be coming back to us.

    In my heart Leonard Nimoy will for ever and always be Spock. Leonard Nimoy was so much more than just a character in a television show. That said. he and the other characters that Roddenberry brought together changed the face of our planet. Kids grew up and became Scientists and Astronauts and Engineers that otherwise would not have. It was not just the vision that Gene Roddenberry had. It was the people that brought the characters to life. Only William Shatner could be James T. Kirk and only
    Leonard Nimoy could be Spock鈥..and he was.

    I say good bye to you Leonard Nimoy. Thank you for all that you have given. The sun shall not shine as bright. You will live on in the minds hearts and imaginations of so very many people.

    I started with a quote and I shall end with one.

    鈥 It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done, it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known

    Your Greatest Fan鈥ichael J Strasser

  • Brad Fulton
  • Marla Gustin

    I’m sad, I grew up watching him! I have 3 older brothers, the first is 11 yrs older, and the first picture he ever took was of spock on star trek when he was about 6. I loved in search of, and that iconic voice. No more appearances on any more star trek movies, just sad! He will be missed! May he rest in peace.

  • Marty MacLeod

    You did live well and Prospered, R.I.P. Mr. Nimoy, you will be missed and you were loved by Millions

  • Wolfgung

    The adventure continues.

  • nightshp282

    You have lived long and prospered Mr Nimoy I am sure the angels are waiting for you, safe journey To Boldly go where no one has gone before VVVV

  • Therese Christensen

    This is truly heart breaking news. One of the gentlest souls to ever grace this earth. My you race among the stars, discover all the new places, and forever be a gentle soul. RIP Mr Spock.

  • J.t. Farr

    We are assembled here today to pay final respects to our honored dead. And yet it should be noted that in the midst of our sorrow, this death takes place in the shadow of new life, the sunrise of a new world; a world that our beloved comrade gave his life to protect and nourish. He did not feel this sacrifice a vain or empty one, and we will not debate his profound wisdom at these proceedings. Of my friend, I can only say this: of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most… human.
    –James T. Kirk

  • Noel Silva

    Live long and prosper. _//

  • Anita

    While Leonard Nimoy will be forever known as “Mr. Spock”, he did a lot of other work, too. He did voice-overs on many shows, was a narrator, a poet, a writer, as well as an actor. I looked him up on IMDb, and his credentials were phenomenal. His career spanned almost 6 decades. It’s a shame that most people will only remember him as Mr. Spock with the pointy ears.

  • steelerj2000

    R.I.P. Mr Spock. Shom-tor muhl t’nash-veh t’hai’lu

  • steelerj2000

    Rest well my friend, in Vulcan.

  • Debby depalmer

    I grow up watching him I am sad shocked what happened

  • Glenna Anderson

    You will be missed by all trekies and live long and prosper in the great beyond R.I.P. Mr. Spock

  • wendy silva

    He will be now and forever remembered

  • Brian

    Live long in our hearts and minds, Mr. Nimoy, and we shall prosper.

  • Jim Wilkes

    Leonard Nimoy, you will remembered. As a child i use to look up at the night sky and imagine myself as the brave captain of a starship. Thank you for those childhood dreams and imaginings.

    The line: “Of all the souls i have encountered in my travels, his was the most….human”. Is excellent.

    I always enjoyed this one as well: “I have been and ever shall be your friend”.

    Goodbye my friend, i wish we would have met.

  • CatherineJanovich

    Good bye Spock, S’chn T’gai S179-275-SD b -3432.6 Hgrtcha Clan, ShiKhar, Vulcanis, d-02-27-2014 Las Angeles, California,Earth. Our world has become a little darker because your light has gone but your ‘Katra’ will be with us forever. LLAP in your new home. To his family and friends worldwide…'(I) We grieve with thee.’

  • Sandra Templeton

    I didn’t know he was a Army Vet. Good to know he served our country.

  • Scott Oaks

    He lived long and prospered

  • Isaac Robins


  • Star Trek,wouldn’t have been, the same,without you,R.I.P Leonard Nimoy.

  • Michael Nichols

    He is and always shall be….our friend.
    May he Live Long and Prosper for all time.

  • Shell McLaughlin

    Awee nooo you will be forever remembered and always missed鈾♀櫋鈾♀櫋

  • Tonya R Fleming

    R.I.P You will never be forgotten <3

  • Royal Savoie

    Just to be correct…he was the first officer…second in command and science officer.

  • Shelleen Diaz

    RIP…Mr. Nimoy

  • Robert


  • Debra

    A Great man And a great character who inspired and shaped so many of us in so many ways. Thank you!

  • Uwe Mirwald