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Trump's Campaign Manager Roasted for Referring to Trump 2020 as the 'Death Star' and Now He's Trying to Explain It

Samuel Corum/Getty Images // @parscale/Twitter

The national health crisis has rightly taken precedence over coverage of the 2020 general election, which is a mere six months away.

While Trump may be preoccupied with tweeting about the virus that's killed over 70 thousand Americans, his reelection campaign manager Brad Parscale promised that the Trump 2020 campaign was about to issue a crippling blow to Democrats hoping to make Trump a one term President.

It didn't go well.

Brad named the upcoming plans after the Death Star—the enormous planet destroying ship from Star Wars—in a recent tweet.

You don't have to be a Star Wars fan to know that one of the franchise's most memorable moments comes when the Death Star's only vulnerability is exploited, resulting in its explosive destruction.

When people reminded Brad of that, he quickly reverted to an old Trump tactic: It was the media's fault!

The first recorded usage of the "Death Star" in relation to the Trump campaign came from an unnamed Republican strategist working for Trump's reelection who spoke to The Atlantic. For all we know, it was Parscale himself, who seems to like the nickname if his tweet was any judgment.

Parscale's laughable defenses only made people roast him more.

Then again, maybe the nickname "Death Star" is fitting, given the circumstances.

Laughable as he may be, Trump's reelection chances are no laughing matter. Are you registered to vote?

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