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Mark Hamill Mocks Trump With Massive List Of All His Misspelled And Made Up Words—And Hoo Boy

Mark Hamill called out Donald Trump's propensity for misspelling and just making up new words with a list for the ages.

Mark Hamill; Donald Trump
Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images, Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Anyone who has clacked away on the keyboard has written the occasional typo.

For most of us, it's a forgivable error.

However, the extent to which Donald Trump regularly mangles the English language is inexcusable.

Star Wars star Mark Hamill did not let Trump off the hook for his lousy misspellings and destruction of the universally spoken language many American fourth graders understand better.

Hamill ruthlessly mocked the federally-charged ex-President on X (formerly Twitter) and created a partial list of many of Trump's imaginary words.

It was a response to an all-caps rant Trump wrote on his Truth Social platform that was jam-packed with one embarrassing misspelling after another.

Here's a screenshot of Trump's post.

Let's make it a game: Circle all the non-English words you can find.

Donald J. Trump/Truth Social

Hamill shared Trump's message to his MAGA followers and wrote in the caption:

"His made up words are fun, (DISINFORMATES, MISINFORMATES, COVFEFE, etc.)."

But Hamill also kept track of Trump's past social media activity and insisted that "his more-than plentiful misspellings absolutely RULE!"

Hamill continued listing each example starting with Trump's version of a word followed by its correct spelling, or what Trump meant to say.

Here are a few from Hamill's scorecard.

  • "Stollen" for stolen
  • "Honor" for honor
  • "Smocking" for smoking
  • "Frorida" for Florida
  • "Shoebiz" for showbiz
  • "Marine Core" for Marine Corps
  • "Boarder" for border
  • "Grest" for great
  • "Melanie" for his wife and former First Lady Melania
  • "Counsel" for council
  • "Unpresidented" for unprecedented
  • "Hearby" for hereby

He concluded the list by reminding the internet there was, "the always memorable: HAMBERDERS/hamburgers."

The vocal Trump critic suggested the list was a work in progress and that, "We can all look forward to the frequent & numerous misspellings sure to come!"

Social media users contributed honorable mentions.

One user jokingly spared Trump from ridicule.

People solidified their November decisions.

Users continued sharing various thoughts.

During his 2016 Presidential campaign, Trump touted his so-called intelligence by telling his MAGA followers in South Carolina at a December 30, 2015 rally that he was "highly educated."

"I know words, I know the best words. But there's no better word than stupid," he said as an authority on the subject.