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Anti-Trump Republican Group Asks What's One Thing Trump 'Could Actually Run Successfully' and Hoo Boy Did People Deliver

SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

President Donald Trump and his campaign have fallen far behind in the polls for what the public largely receives as bungled responses to the pandemic outbreak and to the murders of unarmed black people by police.

The President continues to dismiss the importance of testing for the virus. He's repeatedly called protestors "thugs" and got flagged by Twitter for glorifying violence against them.

Most recently, Trump's campaign suffered the humiliation of boasting record numbers of reservations for the President's rally in Oklahoma last weekend, only for a paltry 6,200 people to show—less than a third of the venue's capacity.

Americans across the country see these constant missteps as illustrations of Trump's and his campaign's ineptitude.

It led The Lincoln Project—a prominent political action committee of anti-Trump Republicans—to ask its followers to name something Trump could run effectively.

People's answers weren't ones any President would want ascribed to them.

Some disagreed with the answers offered.

Some thought he couldn't run anything at all.

The Lincoln Project continues to run anti-Trump ads, further earning the President's ire.