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Trump Admits 'Some Of Us Have Horrible Children' In Bizarre Rally Rant

Trump jokes that 'some of us have horrible children' in Iowa rally speech about the estate tax.

Donald Trump
Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Former Republican President Donald Trump's children always speak glowingly about him as if he's the best father who ever lived. But if their dad's comments at a recent rally are any indication, the feeling isn't mutual.

During his latest MAGA rally this week in Iowa, Trump raised eyebrows when he implied he has "horrible children" during his comments.

The remark was part of a strange diatribe about the estate tax, in which Trump also implied he won't be leaving any inheritance for one of his children.

See the speech below.

The comments came while Trump was talking about the changes he made to the estate tax, which at the federal level applies to assets over $12.06 million that are bequeathed to next of kin upon death.Trump's changes doubled the tax exemption the wealthy can take on their bequeathed assets.
Bragging about this, he told the crowd in Sioux City:
“You pass away, you can – if you like your child. I always say if you don’t like them leave it to charity."
“Some of us have horrible children.”

Which child do you think he's talking about? It's Eric isn't it. It has to be Eric.

Anyway, Trump's drag of probably definitely Eric only got weirder from there as he moved on to asking the crowd if they, too, hate their children.

“Do you have any horrible children?”
“Does anybody have like a child where you are really not going to leave your farm? Any farmers?
“No you don’t have to. If you don’t like ‘em, then don’t.”

Perhaps he's just riffing, but Trump does have a habit of saying the quiet part out loud and subtly announcing his misdeeds so...

Jokes aside, it's more likely this diatribe was a dig at daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner. Trump's relations with the couple have reportedly become extremely tense following their testimony to the January 6 Committee, during which Ivanka Trump admitted that her father's 2020 election fraud claims were bogus.

Whatever is going on here, people online couldn't but laugh about it.

How'd you like to be around the Trump Thanksgiving table this year?