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This Video of Crowds Streaming Out of Indian Stadium During Trump's Speech Is the Schadenfreude We Needed

The Guardian

If you were hoping President Donald Trump had improved his reputation abroad, prepare to be disappointed.

On his recent visit to India, Trump appeared with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to open the country's new cricket arena: Sardar Patel Stadium.

The President spent the speech touting the growth of the Indian economy and the continued relationship between India and the United States.

The new stadium seats approximately 100,000 people—a larger capacity than the number of people who usually attend the President's rallies in the States.

While the stadium at the beginning of Trump's address was packed to near capacity, a video later on in the speech shows a significantly dwindled crowd, with even more spectators pouring out of the stadium as he continues.

Watch below.

Many of the spectators grew tired of the heat, with one engineering student telling AFP:

"We left midway through Trump's speech. It was too hot. People ahead of us too left. There was direct sun where we were sitting."

By the end of Trump's speech, thousands had filed out of the stadium.

Trump also butchered the pronunciation of nearly every Indian name mentioned in his speech, leading to ridicule from some.

People couldn't help but laugh as the enthusiasm evaporated.

Trump had earlier estimated that seven million people would be lining the streets to greet him or attending the rally.

He was off on that one.

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