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Hundreds of Former George W. Bush Officials Call Trump 'a Danger' in Stinging Biden Endorsement

Hundreds of Former George W. Bush Officials Call Trump 'a Danger' in Stinging Biden Endorsement
Drew Angerer/Getty Images // Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

After a stream of grim polls and signals that even his own base isn't satisfied with his performance, President Donald Trump is facing another unwelcome rebuke, this time at the hands of officials from the previous Republican administration.

Officials from the George W. Bush administration have launched the group 43 Alumni for Biden—a political action committee dedicated to making Donald Trump a one-term President.

In its endorsement of Biden, the group's statement read:

"Earlier this summer, having seen far too many days filled with chaos emanating from the highest levels of government, we knew it was time to take a stand.

Former colleagues and friends from both sides of the aisle joined together and began to put our experience to work. As our former boss said, "Leadership to me means duty, honor, country."

Bound by our shared work experience and a belief in a brighter tomorrow, we endorse Joe Biden for President. Political differences may remain among us, but we look forward to a time when civil, honest and robust policy discussions are the order of the day."

While the group may not yet be as confrontational as The Lincoln Project—another pro-Biden Republican PAC—in regards to its criticisms of Donald Trump, it still believes Trump poses a threat to the United States' very democracy.

One committee member and former Bush official, Jennifer Milkin, said:

"We know what is normal and what is abnormal, and what we are seeing is highly abnormal. The president is a danger,"
The group plans to roll out an array of resources to prevent Trump's reelection.
"We're looking for the largest conglomerate of folks who want to help, whether it's writing a check, making phone calls, helping to get out the vote, basic campaign 101. We just feel the time now is to restore dignity to the White House, and the current gentleman is not, so that's why we're supporting Joe Biden."

She continued:

"We've only been active since June 2, so less than a month, and we have hundreds of former W alumni that are living nationwide and have worked at every single agency including the White House when we were there."

Donald Trump has long been a critic of George W. Bush, and bitterly ridiculed his brother Jeb when the latter ran for President in 2016.

Many commended the PAC's announcement.

Some Trump supporters aren't happy with the news.

The Bush family—including George W. Bush himself—isn't expected to endorse Trump.