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GOP Anti-Trump Group Perfectly Trolls Trump After New Poll Shows Steep Decline in Republican Satisfaction With the Country

MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images // Pew Research Center

President Donald Trump continues to face grim polling in the wake of his response to the worsening pandemic outbreak in the United States and to protesters demonstrating against racial injustice across the nation.

One of his favorite networks, Fox News, finds him trailing even in red states and multiple national polls show him trailing Democratic nominee Joe Biden by double digits. The President says that these polls are fake.

But one of Trump's most vital consolations is his approval rating within the Republican party. The President frequently tweets out an uncited assertion that his approval rating among Republicans is in the 90s.

He always makes sure to end the tweet with a "Thank you!"

It's unclear where Trump gets these polling numbers, but a new survey from Pew Research Center shows his approval rating even among Republicans may be in jeopardy.

The poll asked Americans if they were satisfied with the way things are going in the United States.

Only 19 percent of Republicans said yes—a drop from 55 points in April.

It's important to note that satisfaction with events in the United States don't always translate to approval or disapproval of the President. Republicans might be dissatisfied with protests, extended lockdowns, Supreme Court rulings, but hold no blame for Trump.

However, this is by far the lowest Republican satisfaction has been in this poll for all of Trump's presidency. It's usually hovered above 50 percent. A drop this sudden signals that at least a slightly more significant number of Republicans are dissatisfied with the President than earlier in his term.

The famous anti-Trump Republican political action committee, The Lincoln Project, was quick to alert him of the foreboding numbers—and they used his own format to do so.

Some wondered what happened to the starry numbers Trump had boasted for ages.

The drop was so precipitous that people are now wondering if Republicans—who have largely remained loyal to Trump—are finally ready to walk away.

Others are more pessimistic.

It won't be til November that we know if Americans are satisfied enough with Trump's performance to give him a second term.