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Cringey Ad Shows Failed NV House Candidate Now Running in Texas With Whole New Persona

Cringey Ad Shows Failed NV House Candidate Now Running in Texas With Whole New Persona
@DanRodimer/Twitter // @markhelenowski/Twitter

Former professional wrestler "Big Dan" Rodimer won the Republican primary to represent Nevada's 3rd district before losing to Democrat Susie Lee in 2020.

While running to represent NV-03, Rodimer tweeted:

"Nevada is my home and the home of my family. I will always fight to protect it and the great people of this state. God Bless Nevada!"

In the nine months since that tweet, he's moved to Texas.

Now, he's entered the political ring there, filing to represent the state's 6th District just minutes before the deadline, in a special election to replace Republican Congressman Ron Wright, who died last month of the virus that's killed over 500 thousand Americans.

Rodimer released a campaign video that reads almost as a parody.

Watch below.

The video features a man purported to be Rodimer (it never shows the man's face) riding a bull named "Nancy Pelosi," who successfully bucks him into the air and onto the ground.

After demonizing trans kids and claiming Democrats hate Texas' way of life, Rodimer calls on the viewer to "Make America Texas Again."

People soon noticed that Rodimer's persona in his latest campaign ads is drastically different than the one he presented in his failed Nevada race only last year.

In the Nevada campaign video, Rodimer has no accent and, in a soft-spoken voice around an octave higher, touts his record while appearing with his family.

In the Texas campaign video, he promises to stop House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's "bulls**t."

Rodimer was immediately called out for the personality makeover—even by far-right Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz.

People couldn't believe it was a genuine campaign ad.

The special election for TX-06 won't be til May, when we'll find out if Texans buy Rodimer's latest persona.