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Fox Guest Mocked After Slamming Biden's Chief of Staff for Tweeting Too Much

Fox Guest Mocked After Slamming Biden's Chief of Staff for Tweeting Too Much
Fox News

Before he was banned for inciting violence after the January 6 insurrection, former President Donald Trump's Twitter account was an infamous tool for him to communicate conspiracy theories, petty insults, and disinformation to his 80+ million followers.

Using the social media outlet, he accused a female news anchor of "bleeding badly from a face-lift." He shared debunked science regarding COVID-19 prevention that undermined his own officials. He berated polling companies for unflattering approval ratings.

And, of course, he frequently tweeted the fantasy that the 2020 election was "stolen" from him by Democrats engaging in widespread election fraud.

The conservative Fox News network—despite being the subject of Trump's Twitter ire itself—has defended Trump's tweets in the past.

Now, with President Joe Biden's administration nearing the end of his first year in office, one Fox News segment is criticizing Biden's chief of staff—Ronald Klain—for tweeting too much.

Watch below.

Fox contributor Joe Concha said:

"Ron Klain, like many politicians; I'm talking Republican and Democrat: less tweeting, less Twitter, more do your job and give your thumbs a rest for a little bit and work for the American people."

While Concha may have been alluding to Trump when he specified that Republicans and Democrats could do with less Twitter, the conservative media outlet never devoted a segment to decrying Trump's tweets while he was in office. This is despite Trump once tweeting or retweeting a record number of 200 times. In his final year on the site, Trump tweeted 12,200 times—the equivalent of more than 33 tweets per day.

The hypocrisy wasn't lost on anyone.

They were also quick to make comparisons to Trump's former Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, whose actions on January 6 are now the subject of congressional scrutiny.

Klain hasn't responded.