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Conservative Activist Explains Why He Registered as a Democrat in Nevada Just to Caucus for Bernie Sanders

Conservative Activist Explains Why He Registered as a Democrat in Nevada Just to Caucus for Bernie Sanders
Las Vegas Review-Journal // Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) is the current frontrunner for the Democratic nomination to take on President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

Sanders handily won the Nevada caucuses last week, and now a Republican activist is coming forward with why he temporarily switched parties in early voting to caucus for Sanders.

Some Trump allies have encouraged Republicans to vote for Sanders in their state's primary or caucus because they believe he'd be the easiest candidate for Trump to beat (evidence tends to indicate the opposite).

Republican Chuck Muth doesn't believe Sanders would be the easiest for Trump to beat, but caucused for him in Nevada because Sanders's political stances are the most ideologically opposite from Trump, leading to what Muth says is the best matchup to gauge the ideology of the country.

Watch below.

Muth told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the dynamic would be

"a great civics lesson for the entire country, comparing an absolute avowed socialist versus an absolute avowed capitalist...It would be a dream election. The nightmare would be if Sanders won, of course. But, look, if Bernie Sanders can beat Donald Trump, we've already lost it.""

It's important to note that Sanders is a Democratic Socialist—a far-cry from the authoritarian socialism Republicans invoke to sway voters away from policies that benefit working people.

Muth said he also caucused for Sanders to point out flaws in Nevada's voting policies:

"It was kind of a way of demonstrating how absurd I think it is to have same-day registration as well as early voting for a caucus. So my wife and I last Sunday went to an early voting site, we changed parties right there on the spot. We caucused for Bernie."

Not everyone approved of Muth's actions.

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Stewart Boss, however, denies that others are following Muth's lead—especially in Nevada, where Sanders won by double digits.

Muth and his wife have since switched back to the Republican party.