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What Time Does Walmart Open on Black Friday 2017?

What Time Does Walmart Open on Black Friday 2017?

A store chain as large as Walmart is bound to have a host of Black Friday deals to offer its customers, but there is still the question of when those deals will be available.

As most Walmart locations are open 24-hours, each Black Friday, the company has to implement specific hours for its sale-driven consumers. For the 2017 Black Friday exclusive sales, shoppers will want to be in their local Walmart location by 6 p.m. on Nov. 23.

As part of a newer tradition, Walmart locations will be starting their Black Friday on Thanksgiving Day, while many families gather around a massive table of family and food. Though sales my start at 6 p.m., as many deals last only as long as the store’s inventory does, customers are encouraged to arrive before then.

Since Black Friday must end at some point, 24-hour Walmart locations will end sale pricing on Friday at 11:59 p.m. Shoppers that wanted to get a jump on Black Friday sales were given the opportunity to do so during the Pre-Black Friday sale. Online sales will continue throughout Black Friday, providing customers the opportunity to shop exclusively online.

Some of the discounts being offered in-store on Black Friday include:

  • $300 off 65” 4K UHD Samsung Curved television
  • $70 off HP Touch Chromebook
  • $100 off PlayStation 4 Gran Turismo Sport VR Bundle
  • Over 36 video games at $29.99
  • Up to $19 off on home theater essentials
  • $200 off Samsung Galaxy S7
  • $50 off Google Home
  • DVDs for as low as $1.96 each

Discounts will be available on thousands of items throughout the store, including clothing, toys, baby supplies, household items, and automotive.

For a more convenient shopping experience, Walmart stores are also offering a Black Friday Store Map specific to each individual location. The color-coded map will allow customers to find the aisles and items they’re looking for with ease. To view the store map, download the Walmart app on the Apple and Google Play stores.

Many Walmart locations run on a 24-hour schedule, but to find out store hours on those that don’t, visit’s Store Locator. Special holiday hours will be posted under the store’s information.