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Biden Campaign Expertly Trolls Trump With His Own Words About MAGA-Supporting 'Tyrants'

After Donald Trump posted video of himself railing against 'tyrants' who support his MAGA movement, the Biden campaign reposted the video as is, earning Trump much mockery.

Joe Biden; Truth Social screenshot of Donald Trump
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images; Truth Social

President Joe Biden's campaign masterfully trolled former President Donald Trump with his own bizarre rant about MAGA-supporting "tyrants."

The Biden campaign posted the video as is, in which Trump makes the following statement appearing to criticize his own supporters:

“This is your chance to take a stand against tyrants that support the one and only movement that can save our country and make American great again."

Biden's campaign didn't have to change a thing—and the team used Trump's words to remind Biden's supporters what's at stake in 2024:

"Trump on the 2024 election: This is your chance to take a stand against tyrants that support the MAGA movement."

You can see the Biden campaign's post and hear Trump's words in the video below.

This of course is far from the first time Trump has appeared confused in messages to his supporters.

Earlier this week as a matter of fact, Trump tried to revise his ubiquitous claim that Mexico would pay for the border wall he proposed, asserting he received more funding for the wall than Mexico had provided, referencing Mexico's commitment during his presidency to deploy thousands of troops to assist in preventing migrants from heading to the United States.

This pledge was a cornerstone of his 2016 campaign but while defending his record and criticizing his detractors, Trump inaccurately described his pre-presidential promises regarding the wall's funding and claimed Mexico paying for "a piece of the wall" was never actually in the cards.

Indeed, Trump's many speaking gaffes are gifts that keep on giving.

People loved the Biden campaign's expert shade—and shared their criticisms of Trump in the process.

Trump's remarks, initially shared on his social media platform Truth Social, were earlier mocked because of another strange statement he made about the name of our "great country" in the event he is elected again.

Trump mentioned that his election in 2024 would result in the creation of a geopolitical entity called "the United States," as though that's not the name of our country already.

Trump also expressed his disapproval of the "highly political Biden lawsuits and indictments" and called for them to be postponed until after the election. He particularly criticized the start date of his criminal trial in Washington, D.C., set for the day before Super Tuesday by Judge Tanya Chutkan, who had imposed a partial gag order on Trump.

Referring to those involved, Trump stated, "These are corrupt people," and he invoked the Founding Fathers, suggesting they would look upon Biden and his administration with disdain and "disbelief."