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White House Shames RNC Chair After She Called Hamas Attack 'A Great Opportunity' For Republicans

After RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel called the Hamas attack 'a great opportunity' for GOP candidates, White House spokesman Andrew Bates fired back.

Joe Biden; Ronna McDaniel

Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images; Fox News

Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel—niece of Utah GOP Senator Mitt Romney—once again drew public backlash for her remarks.

McDaniel appeared on Fox News Saturday where she called the Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel a "great opportunity" for Republican candidates.

Answering a question from Fox host Griff Jenkins, McDaniel stated:

"I think this is a great opportunity for our candidates to contrast where Republicans have stood with Israel, time and time again, and Joe Biden has been weak."
"And when America is weak, the world is less safe. We're seeing this not just with the war in Ukraine and with an emboldened China, but now with an attack on Israel."

Many found McDaniel's comments very inappropriate.


The Biden White House's Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates posted an official statement in response:

"At least nine Americans have lost their lives in these brutal terrorist attacks against the State of Israel. Hundreds of additional innocent people are dead."
"While apparently some individuals like Ronna McDaniel consider this loss of life and pain a 'great opportunity,' most Americans see it as a horrific tragedy. As the administration provides assistance to the Israeli Defense Force, this is a moment in which all Americans, regardless of political views, should stand shoulder to shoulder with one of our closest allies."
"No one can ever welcome this kind of hideous behavior or try to divide our country when we need to be united. Like President Biden said in his call with Prime Minister Netanyahu the morning of these horrific terrorist attacks, the United States' support for Israel as it defends itself is ‘rock solid and unwavering'."

Others concurred with the White House calling McDaniel out for her remarks.

McDaniel was also called insensitive for the enthusiasm displayed during the interview.


Others noted how GOP disarray in the House and obstructionism in the Senate were major factors in national security.

McDaniel attempted to blame Democratic President Joe Biden throughout Saturday's Fox interview while offering no solutions or suggestions.

Many in the Republican Party have been accused of focusing on how the attacks can benefit their party politically, rather than focusing on the victims.