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[SPOILER] Who Wins 'the Bachelor Winter Games' 2018?

It's hard to believe that two people will be crowned the "winners" of The Bachelor Winter Games, but in fact, one couple doeswalk away victorious.


Kevin and Ashley I. are the "winners" of the games, according to Reality Steve. Unlike other Bachelor shows, this doesn't mean the two get engaged or win a million bucks. All they really get is the glory of saying they won the first season of The Bachelor Winter Games.

And are they still dating? Sources say yes. According to Reality Steve, Ashley also loses her virginity to Kevin. (This has been an often-discussed topic in Bachelor-nation). Steve writes, "She's been to Toronto, he's spent time with her post-show in CA and other places and I hear he's going to be spending a good month in CA with her once the show kicks off... Whatever the case may be, they are an item now."

Ashley also hinted in an interview with TVGuide that not all her tears will be sad throughout the four-episode show. "Everybody was joking before the Games started that my tears were gonna freeze to my cheeks because there were nights where it was seven degrees and that's without wind chill factored in," she said. "I think I'm going to surprise you guys. There's a couple happy tears in there."

Kevin Was in the Navy

And who is Kevin, exactly, apart from a clone of James Marsden? Kevin Wendt is a 33-year-old fireman and won his country's version of The Bachelorette. According to Elite Daily, he and the bachelorette, Jasmine Lorimer, split just five months after getting engaged. According to a Global News bio, Kevin, originally from Vancouver, is a former Navy man.

Who Are the Other Three Final Couples?

According to Reality Steve, three other couples will make the final four. Those couples are Courtney and Lily, Luke and Stassi (who go on a date in the second episode), and Dean and Lesley (who are both dating, still).