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porpoise, animals, chapelle dom hue, guernsey, medieval, medieval grave, University of Aberdeen

VIDEO: Archaeologists Have Uncovered A Medieval Porpoise Grave In England

The discovery of a medieval grave containing a porpoise raises questions about its purpose.

Plastic fibers

Plastic Particles Are Contaminating Our Water And Invading Our Bodies

Microscopic particles of plastic have permeated our drinking water, food chain, and bodies.

IBM, magnetic tape

IBM’s New Magnetic Tape Storage Device Can Hold 330 TB Worth Of Data

IBM’s record-setting new data storage technology that can hold 330TB of data on a ...

Drug Resistant Bacteria

Overuse Of Antibiotics In Food Animals Is Spreading Drug-Resistant Bacteria

The global meat industry is soaking the planet in antibiotics — and drug-resistant bacteria ...

Plastic Bags, Kenya

Kenya Has Instituted One Of The Strictest Plastic Bag Bans In The World

Facing a massive plastic garbage problem, Kenya implements the world’s toughest plastic bag ban.

Radio Navigation

Look Out, GPS. Radio Navigation is Making a Comeback

GPS is vulnerable to hacking. Old-school radio navigation may be resurrected as a backup.


France’s Plan To Combat Lyme Disease Puts The U.S. To Shame

France is battling Lyme disease with a comprehensive prevention-education-treatment strategy. The U.S. has ten ...