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hearing loss, tinnitus remedies, tinnitus, living with tinnitus, coping with tinnitus, famous people with tinnitus

What Is Tinnitus and What Famous Musicians Suffer From It?

Our noisy world is causing hearing loss and tinnitus. There’s no cure, but solutions ...

janet airlines, classified airline, secret government airline, janet airlines flight attendant, janet airlines conspiracy, McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas

What Is ‘Janet’? Highly Classified US Airline Seeks Flight Attendant

Janet, a top-secret government airline that flies into the top-secret government-run Area 51 definitely ...

iodized salt, iodized salt benefits, effects of iodine deficiency, iodine deficiency and iq, nascent iodine increases iq

Adding Iodine to Salt Has Led to Improved Health & Increased IQs

Iodine’s health benefits include IQ boosting powers. But today, Americans are getting less of ...

chicken, deciphering animal language, do chickens make a lot of noise, chicken vocalization, chicken language

Chickens Create 24 Distinct Vocalizations: Why Are Farmers Trying to Decipher Them?

Scientists are helping farmers decode the mysteries of chicken talk in an effort to ...

Amazon, CamperForce, Amazon warehouse conditions, how long do amazon seasonal jobs last, camperforce amazon

What Is CamperForce? How Amazon Utilized Retirees to Fulfill Orders During the Holidays

Amazon needs thousands of temporary employees to manage its seasonal business boom, and many ...

Viagra, Viagra Village, Ringaskiddy, erectile dysfunction, Ireland

Why Is Ringaskiddy, Ireland, Referred to as ‘Viagra Village’?

Residents of the Irish town of Ringaskiddy report that fumes from a local Viagra ...