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Andrew Lloyd Webber: Health Update

Famous English composer, Andrew Lloyd Webber is celebrating 70 years of life and 53 years of life in the spotlight. After composing 13 hit musicals and two film scores, among other work, Andrew Lloyd Webber has earned his place among the greats. In 2001 The New York Times referred to him as "the most commercially successful composer in history." Therefore it is no surprise that NBC is doing a special tribute to him tonight at 10pm ET. But between cancer and struggles with mental health, Webber's health has been in flux. Read for a full update on Andrew Lloyd Webber's health.

To learn all about his current wife, Madeleine Gurdon, check out this page instead.

At 70, Andrew Lloyd Webber is Cancer-Free

After surviving a difficult battle with prostate cancer, Andrew Lloyd Webber is now cancer-free. After being diagnosed with the disease in 2009, Webber had his prostate removed as part of treatment. The surgery gave him a virtually 100% chance of recovery. Despite this, Webber lamented the surgery. He was told that it would likely result in his impotence, which it did. After consulting a sex therapist he became resigned. He said on Piers Morgan's ITV1 Life Stories, "‘I am a ladies’ man who can never make love. I am resigned to that."

Despite this disappointment, Andrew Lloyd Webber is grateful for his life. He also said on ITV1 Life Stories, "I’m alive; I have my music; I have my children. I am the luckiest man."

After surgery, Webber had to be readmitted to the hospital with post-operative infection. But by January 2010, he declared he was cancer-free

After five years of being cancer-free in 2014, doctors feel comfortable giving Webber the all-clear.

Andrew Lloyd Webber and Mental Health

Unmasked, an autobiography by Andrew Lloyd Webber was published 8 March. The book details the life of Andrew Lloyd Webber and describes a battle with mental health that few knew about. The composer opens up, explaining that he contemplated suicide throughout his adolescence and has since struggled with mental health. Though he recalls having these thoughts as early as 15 years old, Webber's battle with cancer brought them back. He also describes having these thoughts as recently as three years ago.

In his memoir, Unmasked, Webber also describes a sexual assault on the train in which he was fondled. The incident made him furious and disturbed him greatly.

Though Andrew Lloyd Webber has struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts since his adolescence, he has had times of recovery. He has sought refuge in mental health professionals, as well as the church. Furthermore, he credits his wife, Madeleine Gurdon, as a comforting and supporting influence.

For anyone dealing with mental health issues, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255) is open 24-hours a day, every single day of the year. In addition, the Samaritans email is checked often and Samaritans can be reached there as well.

Andrew Lloyd Webber's fans on Twitter wish him health and wellness.