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Pro-Trump Lawyer Admits on Fox News the 2020 Election 'Wasn't Stolen' and MAGA Is Not Happy

Pro-Trump Lawyer Admits on Fox News the 2020 Election 'Wasn't Stolen' and MAGA Is Not Happy
Fox News

The infamous lawyer Alan Dershowitz has represented a litany of offenders, including convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein and child sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein.

But he's said his "worst controversy" was his decision to defend former President Donald Trump in Trump's first Senate impeachment trial last year. He's repeatedly defended Trump on television as well, even after Trump's lies about the 2020 election incited a mob of pro-Trump extremists to attack the United States Capitol.

Trump and other right-wing celebrities continue to peddle these same lies about the validity of the 2020 election, though there's been no evidence of widespread fraud and the Trump campaign's attempts to litigate the election have near-unanimously failed.

In a Fox News interview this week, Dershowitz told the network's conservative viewers that the claims of widespread fraud aren't in sync with reality.

Watch below.

Dershowitz said:

"There's never been a perfect election. JFK's election wasn't perfect. George Bush's election wasn't perfect. And the current election wasn't perfect. Number two, the evidence seems to strongly suggest that it wasn't stolen, and that the outcome was right."

He then addressed the ongoing Republican fantasies that Trump will somehow be reinstated as President:

"There would not be a reversal of fortune, a reversal of the election. That would not happen, unless we found — unbelievably — it didn't happen here, massive, massive, deliberate fraud. But it's just not going to happen."

In the MAGA-sphere, however, claiming that Biden was legitimately elected—and that Trump won't be back in the White House any time soon—are highly controversial statements.

Trump's supporters weren't happy to hear what Dershowitz had to say.

Trump's critics were surprised to see one of the former President's defenders say something truthful about the election.

It appears MAGA has now canceled Dershowitz.