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Three Republican Residents of the Same FL Retirement Community Were Just Arrested for Voter Fraud

Three Republican Residents of the Same FL Retirement Community Were Just Arrested for Voter Fraud
G. De Cardenas/Getty Images

It's been over a year since Americans denied former President Donald Trump a second term by casting their votes in the 2020 election, but Trump and his allies continue to peddle fantasies of widespread election fraud coordinated by Democrats that "stole" a victory from Trump.

These lies led to numerous expensive election audits, multiple bizarre hearings, dozens of dismissed lawsuits, a deadly failed insurrection, and the irrevocable erosion of faith in American democracy for the millions of Americans who believe Trump's lies.

But as was frequently pointed out when Trump was attempting to sow hysteria over voter fraud, actual occurrences of voter fraud are staggeringly few, let alone widespread enough to change the outcome of a national election.

Nevertheless, three voters in Florida were just arrested for voting multiple times in the 2020 election. The kicker? They're all registered Republicans, and at least two of them indicated support for Trump on social media.

According to a report from Click Orlando, an investigation spurred by the Sumter County Board of Elections supervisor found that Jay Ketcik, Joan Halstead and John Rider cast multiple ballots in the 2020 election. All three are residents of The Villages, the massive Florida retirement community famous for its conservative members.

Ketcik is charged with casting an early ballot in Florida while also casting an absentee ballot in his home state of Michigan—both swing states. Halstead voted in person in Florida but cast an absentee ballot in New York. The report says the specific charges against Rider have yet to be disclosed, but prosecutors indicated he also cast multiple ballots.

The report continues:

"All three are registered as Republicans in Florida, voter registration records show.

Facebook pages that appear to belong to Ketcik and Halstead contain several posts expressing support for former president Donald Trump."

Yet again, the calls of voter fraud were coming from inside the house.

They accused election fraud peddlers in the GOP of projection.

This is just the latest in multiple instances of Republican voters committing or attempting to commit voter fraud. Earlier this year, Nevada Republican Donald Hartle, whose claims that someone cast a ballot on behalf of his dead wife went viral, was charged for casting that ballot himself. Texas Secretary of State Ken Paxton forked over thousands of dollars to a Democratic poll worker who accepted his challenge of proving voter fraud occurred in the Texas election—after proving it was a Republican who committed the fraud.