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Brutal New Ad Makes Trump Regret Admitting That He Ordered His Administration to 'Slow the Testing Down'

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President Donald Trump's lackluster first rally after a pandemic-induced hiatus has gotten a lot of coverage for its widely overestimated attendance, along with erratic rants about walking down ramps and drinking water.

But another assertion from Trump during the rally is proving far more insidious.

Trump repeated claims he's made in the past dismissing the value of testing for the virus because widespread testing makes case numbers go up.

Then, the President appeared to confirm earlier reporting that he pushed back against expanded testing in order to keep confirmed cases low.

Watch below.

Trump said:

"When you do testing to that extent, you're gonna find more people, you're gonna find more cases, so I said to my people 'Slow the testing down please!'"

The justifications from Trump's team and Trump himself have varied, with some saying he was merely joking.

Trump wouldn't answer directly whether or not he indeed instructed his staff to slow the testing down.

Now, a new ad from the Priorities USA PAC is warning just how damaging Trump's response to the virus has been.

Watch below.

Slow the Testing

The ad states:

"The most important job of the President is to protect the American people, but not to Donald Trump...instead of working to slow the spread, Donald Trump says he slowed down the testing. Now, over 120 thousand dead and while other countries get back to work, here, cases continue to skyrocket."

The ad concludes:

"Donald Trump is making it all worse. He's failing America."

Judging by some reactions, Priorities USA produced an effective ad.

But Americans didn't need an ad to be disturbed by Trump's claim that he asked to slow down testing.

Virus cases are spiking around the nation.