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Video Resurfaces of Trump Mocking Hillary for Catching Pneumonia 4 Years to the Day Before Positive Test

Video Resurfaces of Trump Mocking Hillary for Catching Pneumonia 4 Years to the Day Before Positive Test

Amid the news of President Trump's positive diagnosis for the virus that has caused the global pandemic he has frequently denied is real, it seems Trump's mockery of Joe Biden in this week's debate may not be the only words that have come back to haunt him.

Today, eagle-eyed reporter Carl Quintanilla resurfaced a clip of Trump mocking his 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton for coming down with pneumonia exactly four years ago prior to his own diagnosis with COVID-19.

And the clip has taken Twitter by storm.

The video shows Trump at one of his campaign rallies pantomiming Clinton's stumble on the way to her car following a 9/11 memorial that year, days before she was diagnosed with pneumonia. He then mocks her as weak.

"But here's a woman, she's supposed to fight all of these different things, and she can't make it 15 feet to her car. Give me a break."

As the internet has taken to saying about the President, "there's a tweet for everything" when it comes to anything the President has ever mocked or criticized about his political rivals, and today proved no different.

Aside from his mocking of former Secretary Clinton, Trump has repeatedly downplayed the pandemic. Last month, taped conversations between him and journalist Bob Woodward revealed Trump admitting that he purposefully misled the public about the pandemic. Trump has also insinuated the virus was a Democratic hoax to undermine him.

The clip of him mocking Clinton comes on the heels of the President mocking Joe Biden's adherence to the mask recommendations of Trump's own administration in Tuesday's debate, clips of which have also been ricocheting around the internet as an example of the President's hubris about the pandemic.

On Twitter, many saw the resurfaced clip as indicative of Trump's hypocritical character.

While others couldn't help but feel that Trump's diagnosis was karma at work.

Others felt Trump's mockery of Clinton means mockery of Trump's diagnosis is fair game for mockery too, and they did not hold back.

President Trump and the First Lady were diagnosed yesterday after being exposed by presidential adviser Hope Hicks. They are quarantining at the White House and are said to be experiencing only mild symptoms.