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Tomi Lahren Mocked for Calling Flight Attendants the 'Nazis of the Air' in Bizarre Anti-Mask Rant

Tomi Lahren Mocked for Calling Flight Attendants the 'Nazis of the Air' in Bizarre Anti-Mask Rant
Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Politicon

With stronger variants of the virus that's killed over 600 thousand Americans continuing to emerge, President Joe Biden is ramping up his administration's efforts to persuade hesitant Americans to take the vaccine and to observe health guidelines.

Meanwhile, conservatives in Congress and the media continue to liken this effort to the Nazi takeover of Europe, which resulted in the murders of millions of people.

Even after her initial comparisons to the Nazi party prompted her to visit the National Holocaust Memorial Museum and offer an apology, Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene continued to liken the effort to save lives with vaccine administration to Nazi suppression.

Now, Tomi Lahren, one of the most incendiary commentators in social media is comparing flight attendants to Nazis for enforcing mask mandates on commercial airline flights, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still advise.

Watch below.

In a discussion about the uptick in belligerent behavior on flights, Lahren said:

"There are so many good flight attendants out there, but there are some flight attendants out there that take their job as the mask police to extreme, becoming almost Nazis of the air and it's ridiculous. It drops beneath your nose, they're constantly getting mad at you. ... There is no excuse for violence, but we need to lift the mask mandate in the air, and I have a feeling a lot of these issues will go away."

Lahren's comments were lambasted by social media users.

People are sick of conservatives flippantly making Nazi comparisons.

Conservatives have also compared pandemic safety protocols to Jim Crow and apartheid.