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Teens Take Broadway: Gigi Sieke Is 'Already Won Over' by 'Jagged Little Pill' the Musical

Teens Take Broadway: Gigi Sieke Is 'Already Won Over' by 'Jagged Little Pill' the Musical

Written by Gigi Sieke

Don't be alarmed when you fall Head Over Feet for "Jagged Little Pill." This musical will make you cry, fall in love, and download Jagged Little Pill the Musical right away. Music was written by the ONE, the ONLY, (drum roll please) Alanis Morissette! The creative genius and voice of the '90s.

This show touched base on so many different problems in our society, like drug abuse, the pressure of fitting in, date rape, depression, and racism. Diablo Cody brings to life the typical "just add water" instant Connecticut family, but with sex, drugs, and rock&roll.

This hit Broadway production is all about the "perfect" family with the perfect son, the daughter that starts a revolution, and the overworked, confused husband. Mary Jane (M.J.), played by Elizabeth Stanley, is the mother that tries to seem perfect but couldn't succeed. By taking prescription pills and eventually street drugs, she went from SMILING to crashing. The husband, Steve, or Mr. Healy, played by Sean Allen Krill, longs for attention, even if its a few clicks away. Nick Healy (the perfect son) played by Derek Klena, got all his doting mother's care. Nick is, "the only thing I have ever done right," she says.

On the other side, Frankie (Mary Francis Healy), played by the newest IT GIRL making her Broadway debut Celia Gooding, longed for her parents to understand her. She wanted to make a difference in the world because she couldn't make a difference at home. The casting for each family member was outstanding, and the Healy family could out-sing the Von Trapps.

Joanne (Jo), played by Lauren Patten, was Frankie's lady lover and best friend. Lauren's energy that she projected while singing YOU OUGHTA KNOW left the crowd dumbfounded, and she received a standing ovation in the middle of act two. Frankie couldn't help but fall HEAD OVER FEET in love with Phoenix, Antonio Cipriano. With his dashing good looks and smooth singing he swept her off her feet. Antonio Cipriano is making his Broadway debut, and I can guarantee it will be up for a Tony Award. Congratulations, not only did you steal the girl, but you are going to take all the awards too. Bella Fox, played by Kathryn Gallagher, experienced everyone's worst nightmare. The predator, Andrew Montefiore, played by Logan Hart,was the most worshipped kid in town, yet the most heartless. ISN'T IT IRONIC that the guy whose last name is Hart plays the heartless villain in the story.

The ensemble, Oh My, the Ensemble! They did such a fantastic job. Not only working the stage, but they were also high schoolers, moms, rockers, and they could belt out every song. They sounded amazing. My mind and my ears were blown away. The ensemble made the show more compelling. I couldn't help but feel the urge to hop up on the stage and rock out with them. In the song "No" I cried. They made me rethink my perspective of society. When I saw the sign, "rapists don't see color" I lost it.

The choreography was amazing. For example, when the song UNINVITED played, it was as if the woman dancing was interpreting what M.J. was singing and feeling, but still choreographed. Same for the song PREDATOR, it was an out-of-body experience for Bella. She had no control of what would happen, no control stopping it, or stopping him. In the reversed scene of SMILING, the dancers/ensemble didn't miss a single step. I felt as if I was rewinding a movie. They moved entirely with every song and created emotions throughout the theatre.

After the OVERTURE, the lights went dark. You see pictures on a blank screen, like a canvas in your mind, and then a set designed in the form of the typical two story house. They used the stage to their advantage, simply modern, I was looking for Alexa.

Am I at a rock concert in Connecticut or a Broadway show, because by the costumes, I can't tell the difference? You can so tell who all are the basic neighbors, haha!! I loved how the ensemble was able to wear rock and roll inspired clothing. It showed the ensemble's freedom; no one could judge them. For the Healy's however, they had to wear something stricter, almost like dress code in the household. They were always being judged by their neighbors, friends, and each other.I fell in love, so hard, I didn't want it to end. The music went perfectly with every scene. I had listened to Alanis Morissette's music before, and I already loved it. Alanis wrote new songs just for this hit production, such as "Smiling" and "Predator". It still blows my mind people can create these fantastic works of art into songs.

I would recommend "Jagged Little Pill" to everyone. If it's your first show, see it. If it's your 300th, what are you waiting for? It will change your awareness of the world and the people around you. Imagine their life through their eyes by being a fly on the wall or a fly in their Chardonnay. Get your tickets now!!