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First revealed at E3 2016 during Sony’s press conference, developer Insomniac Games recently provided more details about the PS4 exclusive Spider-Man title. A release date of Sept. 7 was finally attached to the game, as well as additional story and gameplay details including light RPG progression, multiple unlockable costumes, and a photo-mode.

The new round of information also revealed that players will control Mary-Jane Watson during specific segments and that the game would be completely devoid of microtransactions. Insomniac revealed plenty about its stand-alone Spider-Man title, but wasn’t too forthcoming when it came to Spidey’s villains. Since the reveal, it’s been known that Spider-Man would face off against Mr. Negative and Kingpin, but Insomniac has since remained tight-lipped about other antagonists. What it did confirm, however, was that the game would feature no original focal characters, meaning any villains that will make it into the roster would be pulled directly from Spider-Man’s comic book universe.

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