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Trump's Press Secretary Was Asked if Trump Has Ever Lied to the American People and, Well, She Didn't Outright Deny It
Win McNamee/Getty Images

President Donald Trump has told around 16 thousand lies since his inauguration in 2017.

Whether it's about his father's birthplace, the path of a hurricane, or his administration's efforts to end protections to end pre-existing conditions, there is no lie too big or too small for the President to tell.

Naturally, that puts his White House Press Secretaries in the unenviable position to defend those lies—often with more lies themselves.

Some, like former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, were better at it than others.

Trump's latest press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany seems right at home.

Kayleigh was asked if the President had ever lied to the public, and her answer was...interesting.

Watch below.

One of the President's least favorite journalists, CNN's Jim Acosta, reminded Kayleigh that she began her tenure promising to never lie to the press. He then asked her if Trump had ever lied to the public.

McEnany said:

"I'm around the President. His intent is always to give truthful information to the American people."

McEnany then pivoted toward a tried-and-true Trumpian tactic: blaming the media.

She then began citing headlines she falsely claimed were inaccurate—descriptions of a ventilator shortage and of a lack of preparation for the pandemic.

People noticed that she didn't give an assured answer to whether or not the President lied to the public or not.

Even the spin was a lie.

Do better, Kayleigh.