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This Faux Nature Documentary About Trump In His Natural Habitat Is Spot On and Now Trump Has the Perfect New Nickname
Samuel Corum/Getty Images

The November election is growing nearer and nearer as the pandemic that's killed over 160 thousand Americans rages on, instilling an urgency to bring voters to the ballot box and—more than ever—the mailbox.

A new viral video by comedian Elijah Daniel is getting that message across in a humorous way with a new video parodying nature documentaries.

The "animal" in the video is President Donald Trump, but the narrator refers to him as something quite different.

Watch below.

In the style of David Attenborough's Planet Earth, the video—titled Planet America—paints the United States as a jungle, and it's ruled by a terrifying predator: the Orangeus Dumbasseous.

According to the narrator:

"The Orangeus Dumbasseous, commonly referred to as a Trump, is a wild killing machine that has infiltrated North America. Although it seems harmless and is often found lurking on golf courses with its mangy hair flapping in the wind, make no mistake. This creature is extremely dangerous."

The voiceover plays over footage featuring some of Trump's most disturbing moments, such as when he mocked a disabled reporter, berated CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta, and some of the hundreds of times he played golf.

The video also highlights the danger posed by the virus and Trump's response to it:

"If left unattended, one single Orangeus Dumbasseous can kill over 160 thousand humans and hospitalize hundreds of thousands of others with no remorse."

It concludes with its primary message:

"We cannot let this creature continue its rampage. It belongs in its habitat. So take a stand, register to vote, and help us put the Orangeus Dumbasseous back in its natural habitat."

The term "Orangeus Dumbasseous" spread like wildfire on Twitter.

Others are stressing the importance of voting.

The United States election will be held on November 3rd, but experts urge those voting by mail to send their ballots by October 20th.