Inside the Mind of an Opioid Addict

A recovered addict shares his story in hopes of killing the stigma surrounding the deadly disease.

How Does Avatar Therapy Work for Schizophrenia Patients?

A study showed people with schizophrenia can reduce the voices in their heads by standing up to avatars, designed to look and sound like their voices, with the support of therapists. Compared to the control group who received counseling, the group receiving avatar therapy felt less overall distress from their voices, and more of them stopped hearing voices altogether within a shorter time period.  

STUDY: What Are the Health Benefits of Being by the Ocean?

Living or spending time near the ocean or other bodies of water has proven scientific health benefits including reduced stress. Looking at water views—or blue space—inhaling air near the shore, and even walking on sand may help calm and create meditative effects, reduce depression, seasonal affective disorder, and other mental health conditions.



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