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Jon Stewart Slams Trump as 'Malevolent Mr. Magoo' in New Interview, But Even His Fans Have to Object

Comedian Jon Stewart is widely known as the former host of the political comedy series The Daily Show, where he would skewer lawmakers of all beliefs with his trademark exasperation.

Stewart left The Daily Show years ago, but he's far from done being political.

If the comedian's work in securing healthcare for 9/11 first responders didn't make that clear enough, Stewart's statements to the New York Times Magazine.

In the broad interview, Stewart puts President Donald Trump through the wringer, saying:

"His is a recklessness born of experience. He's like a malevolent Mr. Magoo. He always knows the I-beam is going to swing down and the building is going to collapse — but who cares, because he'll walk out unscathed. That's what he has learned."

For those who may not know, Mr. Magoo is an elderly, rich cartoon character from the 20th century who refuses to acknowledge his nearsightedness. As a result, he's frequently unaware that he's in perilous situations, yet manages to barely avoid catastrophe each time.

Here's an example:

In the past, Trump has been referred to as "Teflon Don" for the passes he gets from his colleagues and from Americans despite his constant bucking of political norms and basic accountability. Concealing his tax returns, bragging about sexual assault, editing an official weather map with a sharpie—you name it, the populace will likely shrug.

While there were a few who praised the comparison...

...Others thought it was much more insulting to Mr. Magoo than it was to Trump.

Unlike Mr. Magoo, Trump is very real—and his actions have consequences. Are you registered to vote?