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Kenosha Mayor Welcomes Trump With Brutal Fact Check of His Claim that Protesters Tried to 'Get Into' the Mayor's House
MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images // Brandon Bell/Getty Images

President Donald Trump claims that the current unrest in cities like Kenosha, Wisconsin and Portland, Oregon are a taste of what would happen in Democratic nominee Joe Biden's America.

When critics point out that this unrest is happening right now in Donald Trump's America, the President says it's the fault of Democratic mayors and governors.

One of those scapegoats is Kenosha, Wisconsin Mayor John Antaramian.

Protests against police brutality erupted in Kenosha last week after Jacob Blake, a Black man, was shot seven times in the back by police as he entered his car. Seventeen year old Trump supporter Kyle Rittenhouse drove across state lines with an assault weapon to the site of the protests, where he killed two protesters and injured a third.

Trump was asked if he'd condemn Rittenhouse's actions at a Monday press briefing, but defended him instead.

On Tuesday, Trump traveled to Kenosha against the wishes of local officials who feared he'd only escalate tensions.

Before Trump left, he said of Antaramian:

"I saw last night where these radical anarchists were trying to get into the mayor's house and lots of bad things were happening to this poor, stupid, very foolish mayor. How he could be mayor I have no idea, but all he has to do is call and within 10 minutes, their problem will be over. As you know, they have to call us. They have to call and request help."

Trump claimed that protesters descended on the Mayor's house, but Antaramian said the opposite in a statement rebutting the claim.

Antaramian said:

"I want to dispel the President's statement that angry mobs were trying to get into my house last night. Nothing of the sort happened. The statement in the President's video is completely false."

Twitter wasn't surprised that Trump once again disseminated false information.

People commended the Mayor for quickly fact checking Trump.

While protests have yet to reach Antaramian's door, it's likely that Trump conflated Kenosha with Portland, Oregon, where peaceful protesters stationed themselves outside of Mayor Ted Wheeler's condo.