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Michele Bachmann Posted Bizarre Video Asking God for a Second Trump Term and ‘God’ Just Responded

One of the earliest figureheads of Tea Party conservatism, former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota evoked strong reactions during her time as a public official, largely due to her religious radicalism and efforts to ban marriage equality through a Constitutional amendment.

Though she's been out of Congress for five years, Bachmann continues to offer political commentary, usually from an evangelical Christian standpoint.

Such was the case in a recent video Bachmann posted, in which she prays for God to deliver another four years of Trump.

Bachmann said:

"For this moment in the United States, we seriously, sincerely cry out to you, confessing our personal sins. We confess the sins of our country as proxies. We ask you O God for deliverance that our country may continue to know freedom. ... Lord, would you allow Donald Trump to have a second term as President of the United States."

The answer to that prayer was given before Bachmann asked it. Despite lies and litigation designed to undermine public faith in American democracy, Donald Trump lost his reelection bid to President-elect Joe Biden, who is slated to receive 306 electoral votes and leads Trump in the popular vote by nearly seven million ballots.

Since Bachmann hasn't accepted that, "God"—a satirical Twitter account with six million followers tweeting as the Most High—acknowledged her prayer once again.

The skies opened up and God said:


People rejoiced at the masterful trolling.

Bachmann was widely mocked for the bizarre video.

Biden will be inaugurated on January 20th.