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Don Jr. Suggests Thunder And Lightning At White House Easter Egg Roll Was 'Sign From God'—And The Mockery Came Quick

Donald Trump Jr. posted on X that after the White House's 'blasphemy', thunder and lightning delaying the Easter egg roll must be divine intervention.

Donald Trump Jr. / President Joe Biden, First Lady Jill Biden and a White House Easter bunny
Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images, Kent Nishimura/Getty Images

Donald Trump Jr. had social media users' eyes rolling after he suggested in a post on X, formerly Twitter, that thunder and lightning at this year's White House Easter Egg Roll was a "sign from God."

Trump Jr. insisted the inclement weather was a sign of the White House's "blasphemy":

"After this weekend blasphemy, this has to be a sign from God!"

You can see his post below.

But the elder Trump scion's claim wasn't even an original thought, as pointed out by liberal activist Ron Filipkowski, the editor-in-chief of MeidasTouch. Filipkowski said that Trump Jr. "has zero original thoughts," noting that Breitbart writer Wendell Husebo alleged the thunder and lightning at the Egg Roll was a "sign from God" before Trump Jr. followed suit.

You can see his post and Husebo's own post below.

Screenshot of Wendell Husebo's post@WendellHusebo/X

Trump Jr. was swiftly mocked as X users pointed out his own family has engaged in "blasphemy" themselves.

Trump Jr.'s charges of "blasphemy" came after the Biden administration announced in a flyer for the event that selected designs would be painted on real eggs, noting in the terms and conditions that children cannot produce material that "include any questionable content, religious symbols, overtly religious themes, or partisan political statements."

Earlier, he claimed that Biden "is banning religious symbols from Easter celebrations at the White House, while flying the trans flag and declaring Easter Sunday to be 'Trans Visibility Day.'" He claimed this is "the left's new religion" and that the Biden administration "want[s] people worshiping the trans flag instead of God."